HC Home Improvement Network The 8th China (Guangzhou) Door Industry Expo was reopened at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou from March 30th to April 1st, 2017. As the professional window for the exchange of doors and windows industry, the best choice for the investment platform of enterprises in the spring, more and more people in the industry recognized the "winds and indicators for the development of South China doors and windows". This year's Guangzhou Door Fair has a huge breakthrough compared to previous years, aluminum Doors and windows, wooden doors, custom homes, lock hardware and large coffee gathered at the scene.

Guangdong Baomazhi Door & Window Technology Co., Ltd., with its brand [Guangmei Doors and Windows], made a high-profile appearance at the Expo, and successfully attracted attention with exquisite exhibition halls and unique products. In the exhibition hall of Yuemei Doors and Windows, HC Home Improvement Network was fortunate to interview Huang Chuangtian, Director of the Door and Window Business Department of Guangdong.

Yuemei doors and windows

Huang Chuangtian, director of the door and window business department of Yuemei, interviewed by HC Home Improvement Network reporter

As the most important window and door industry gathering place in China, Guangdong has gathered many well-known brands in the country. At the same time, South China, headed by Guangzhou, is one of the most developed and active areas in the coastal economy. March coincides with the season of home building materials investment, the time, the location, the people and the Guangzhou Gate Fair will open a window for the company.

Mr. Huang said that from the overall view of the Expo, the participating brands are very active, and the flow of people is quite acceptable. The purpose of the Guangdong-US doors and windows is to promote the Guangdong-American brand to dealers and distributors across the country. In the three days of the exhibition, more dealers will know about Guangdong and the beautiful doors and windows of Guangdong.

Door and window curtain wall technology breaks the limitations of traditional doors and windows

According to Mr. Huang, since last year, Guangdong and the United States have been pushing the products of the window. Guangdong and the United States have a very obvious technical advantage in the entire door and window industry - door and window curtain wall technology. This door and window curtain wall technology breaks the limitation of the traditional door and window field. The combination of the two can make the doors and windows more beautiful, and the airtightness and watertightness on the basis of the original traditional doors and windows should be upgraded to a higher level, and the energy saving and emission reduction effect can also be achieved. It is also a feature common to all windows in Guangdong and the United States.

The positioning of the doors and windows of Yuemei is sleek and simple. The construction of this booth is also very meticulous, with a very technical product, so it can achieve a good display effect. Mr. Huang said that any marketing behavior must be based on products, and the products of Guangdong and the United States are already well-known and can stand the test of the market. In the marketing team, Guangdong and the United States have network investment department, marketing department, plus the staffing of thousands of business schools. A strong team with a very advantageous product, Guangdong and the United States also have a very obvious advantage in marketing.

Yuemei doors and windows

Huang Chuangtian, Director of Guangdong-US Doors and Windows Division

Future trends: specialization and intelligence

Under the Internet+ era, the door and window products are being updated, and the technology is changing with each passing day. Consumers tend to prefer exclusive customization and intelligent convenience to the design and layout of the living room. In this regard, Mr. Huang said that the doors and windows will become more and more specialized and intelligent. There is no doubt that doors and windows are only one of the categories in the home building materials. The entire building materials industry is moving closer to the intelligent, door and window as a connection between outdoor and households. A product inside will also move closer to intelligence, and Yuemei doors and windows will also break through in this respect.

We also believe that Guangdong and the United States can occupy a large world in the domestic market with strong products, technology, talent support and enterprise support.

Company Profile

Founded in 2004, the brand of “Guangmei Doors and Windows” is rooted in the famous aluminum capital of Foshan. It is a door and window brand of Guangdong Baomazhi Door & Window Technology Co., Ltd., dedicated to customizing aluminum alloy doors and windows for 80/90. Products, such as aluminum alloy doors, aluminum alloy windows and sun room, etc., complete categories, novel styles, are sold at home and abroad.

The main products of the brand mainly include aluminum alloy door series: sliding door, hanging door, folding door and swing door; aluminum alloy window series: sliding window, casement window, window screen integration, broken bridge window screening; sun room series: simple, intelligent. The product adopts Xinhe original aluminum and is equipped with imported brand hardware accessories (HOPO, Siglia, and Pavilion). It has the characteristics of sound insulation, heat insulation, radiation protection, low carbon, waterproof, anti-oxidation, cold resistance, wind resistance and high strength.

“Guangmei Doors and Windows” has more than 60 patents and 6 technology innovations (the first integrated high-rail water retaining, the first integrated high-rail slope drainage, the first low-rail rubber strip mute, the first pressure and pressure relief chamber seal drainage, the first creation The automatic hollow sealing system is the first double-layer curved window pressing line), which provides strong technical support for door and window products.

After years of precipitation, the current "Guangdong Doors and Windows" has three bases, covering an area of ​​60,000 square meters: Foshan's first base is 30,000 square meters, the second base is 10,000 square meters, Jiangxi Yichun is 20,000 square meters, and more than 400 employees. And the introduction of the Italian flying curtain, Germany Yimeiji automatic CNC production equipment, strict implementation of ISO9001: 2008 quality management system standards, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system standards, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management.

In September 2016, Guangdong and the United States implemented the ERP and easy-to-window software. The system integrates customer needs with manufacturing activities within the company and the manufacturing resources of the suppliers to form a complete supply chain, which allows the company to control the order. A series of processes, such as production and delivery, not only improve the efficiency of enterprise management, but also meet the needs of consumers in purchasing, placing orders and inquiring the delivery period. It marks the beginning of the "smart" creation of doors and windows.

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