In recent years, a large number of farmers have gone out to work. The website reminds migrant workers to pay attention to occupational health and protect their own health rights according to law. Migrant workers are mostly concentrated in key occupational hazards such as construction, mining, coal mining, mechanical processing, leather production, and chemical industries, and have increased the risk of occupational diseases as a result of exposure to occupational hazards. Occupational health issues have attracted increasing attention. Job seekers cannot blindly pursue high salaries in the process of choosing a job. Before employment, they must undergo a pre-employment medical examination to find out if there is a corresponding occupational contraindication.

Working outside the country should enhance awareness of occupational disease prevention. Before signing a labor contract with an enterprise, it is necessary to know in detail whether there is any occupational hazard, such as dust, noise, chemical poisons, etc., in the work to be performed, when finding a job or performing a certain job. What kinds of occupational hazards and hazards exist, whether the company adopts occupational disease prevention measures, and so on. Companies with occupational hazards should undergo occupational health checks before going to work to see if they are suitable for the job they are doing. At the same time, they should receive education and training in occupational health knowledge and operating procedures. Occupational health inspections that are regularly organized by enterprises should be conducted during the post period, and occupational health examinations should also be conducted when leaving posts. Work should be performed in accordance with the chapter, the correct use of occupational disease prevention facilities and labor protection supplies. Always pay attention to your health status and pay attention to the evidence of your company's work. If a migrant worker discovers that the company does not organize an occupational health check for workers exposed to occupational hazards as required before and during the job and at the time of leaving, they may promptly file a complaint with the local health supervision agency.

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