When people are decorating the house, they not only hope that their interior space is beautifully decorated, but also hope that the interior decoration style is in line with their own preferences. In this way, people will have a more relaxed and happy mood when they are living in the entire interior space. It seems more warm and comfortable. So what are the interior decoration styles ? The following article will introduce 7 beautiful interior decoration styles for everyone.

What are the interior decoration styles: Chinese style decoration

The Chinese style decoration is simple and elegant, giving the interior space a deep Chinese flavor. The Chinese-style decoration style furniture is mainly made of wood materials. It was designed according to the arrangement of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and was deeply loved by many middle-aged friends.

What interior decoration styles: European style

With the entry of western culture, more and more people choose the style of European decoration. The style of European style decoration is complex and the lines are more. It gives a noble and elegant feeling and is deeply loved by many people.

What are the interior decoration styles: Mediterranean decoration style

The Mediterranean decoration style also belongs to the European style. It mainly uses blue and white colors, giving a breath of blue sea and blue sky, so that the indoor air is full of natural atmosphere.

What are the styles of interior decoration: American style

The American decoration style evolved from the European style. It abandons the complex curves of the European style, and is more important to the quality of life and practicality. It gives people a feeling of introspection.

What are the interior decoration styles: Nordic decoration style

Nordic decoration style is a special presence of European style. Nordic style decoration is simple and natural, full of a fresh and original beauty, the color is mainly black, white, gray and natural wood color, giving a warm and comfortable feeling.

What are the interior decoration styles: Southeast Asian style

The Southeast Asian style is based on the unique local climate, and has evolved from the combination of Chinese and Western cultures. This style is mainly decorated with rattan, wood, and linen, and is similar to Chinese style.

What are the interior decoration styles: modern minimalist style

Modern minimalist style is a very popular style of decoration. It is deeply loved by many young people. The modern minimalist style is simple and smooth. The color is mainly in light colors, which makes people feel simple and exquisite, and has a high cost performance.

The article concludes: The above is about the interior decoration style related introduction, these 7 kinds of decoration styles are the very popular decoration style at present, can make the space seem more exquisite, the owner may choose the appropriate decoration style according to the house size that they like.

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