Facades lacquer can create a unique real stone decorative effect, I believe that many people do not understand the true stone, people say facades true stone construction technology and construction techniques, like paint, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, wall Real stone paint construction process seems simple, in fact, there are many places that need attention. Therefore, the next Xiaobian will introduce to everyone what is the real stone paint and exterior wall real stone paint construction process and precautions.

One, what is real stone paint

Real stone paint is a kind of paint whose decorative effect resembles that of marble and granite. It is made of natural stone powder of various colors. It has natural and natural natural color, giving people an elegant, harmonious and dignified sense of beauty, suitable for all kinds of buildings. Indoor and outdoor decoration.

Second, the outer wall of real stone paint construction process

1. Wall selection and wall finishing: Suitable for concrete or cement inside and outside wall and brick wall body, asbestos cement board, wood board, gypsum board, polyurethane foam board and other substrates. The surface substrate of the construction substrate should be smooth, clean, and free of cracks.

2. Spray base oil and real stone paint: Alkali-enclosed primer or wall treatment agent is applied at the end of the cover again. After drying thoroughly, apply special spray gun to paint real stone paint. Spray one or two times (or apply by squeegee). Recoat interval is 2 hours. the above.

3, grinding: The use of 400 - 600 mesh sandpaper, gently wipe the surface of the real stone paint raised sand can be. Pay attention that the force can not be too fierce, otherwise it will damage the paint film, causing the bottom loose, in serious cases will cause poor adhesion, real stone paint off.

4, spraying surface oil: use the next pot spray gun, pressure 4-7 kg / square centimeter, the construction of not less than 10 °C, spraying twice, interval 2 hours, thickness of about 30 microns, completely dry for 7 days.

III. Precautions for Construction of Exterior Stone Wall Paint

1. During construction, the scaffold should be about 30cm away from the wall so as not to affect the decorative effect;

2. Do not spray parts and objects, use baffles or paper, etc.

3, the construction temperature should be higher than 5 °C, when the wind is greater than 4 should not be construction. The main coating shall be protected from rain and snow within 24 hours of spraying;

4. Oily primers and finishes are flammable dangerous goods. Fireworks should be strictly prohibited during construction.

5. During the construction process, it is forbidden to add water to dilute freely;

6. When the temperature is low, the same wall must survive once. Otherwise, even after the same batch has been constructed for a long time, there will be a slight color problem.

Editor's summary: After reading this article, we also have a more in-depth understanding of the exterior stone real stone paint. We can make reference to the construction process and some details in the text. About the real stone paint and the real stone paint construction process and precautions are introduced here. For more information, you can follow this site information.

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