With the continuous development of various technologies in our country, the Chinese people are beginning to no longer seem to “like foreign affairs,” but instead gradually start to favor domestically produced goods. For example, the Chinese wooden door brand, which has been popular in recent years, is a remarkable example. So what are the Chinese wooden door brands ? Take a look.

1, Mengtian wooden door MTMT

A very senior wooden door brand that has been in the market for nearly 30 years. At the same time, its production base is also second to none in China and even in Asia. The quality of wooden doors has won the praise of many new and old customers.

2, still product color

A well-known brand from Shandong, with its first-class technology level among the top 30 in the industry, is also one of the highest-ranking answers to the question about which wood door brand in China.

3, TATA wooden door

As the earliest product R&D and manufacturing brand for finished bedroom doors, the flagship “Simple and Stylish” product features have been loved and respected by many young owners, and it is one of the most important enterprises in this industry.

4, European wood door

This is a veteran wooden door company devoted to the production of professional and high-quality wooden doors. If you are a friend who wants to create a high-end home and consult with Chinese wooden door brands, you may wish to recommend this brand to them.

5, Maxim wooden door

Founded in 1989, Chongqing has a wooden door brand with a high reputation in Chongqing. While it focuses on high-quality door products, it also covers the largest range of product types and ranges.

6, Panpan wooden door

Awarded the top ten brand of anti-theft door brand, the most important thing is the research and development of high-tech wooden door products, so in the Chinese wooden door brand which research, it is also one of the famous brands that can not be ignored.

7, still wooden door

A brand that focuses on low-carbon, environmentally-friendly wood doors has been successfully recognized among the quality assurance model companies for its superb green environmental performance.

8, China crane wooden door

An old brand that was founded as early as 1956 can be said to be the leader in this industry. Due to the accumulation of rich experience and continuous active introduction of advanced technology, it has now become one of the well-known wooden door brands.

9. Ruiyi Door Industry

As one of the 500 walls of private enterprises, it is precisely because of the integrated production system that other common brands do not have, that it can get such a high response in terms of what the Chinese wooden door brand has.

10, wide thousand wooden doors

In addition to the above several brands, what are the Chinese wooden door brands? As one of the national AAA grade building materials enterprises, it is also a quality trusted brand.

Xiaobian conclusion: Well, the above is what Xiaobian brings to you on the Chinese wooden door brand which related content, brand type in no particular order, hope to help to the need to buy a wooden door product friend, for assistance reference, purchase To fit your own oh.

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