I want to know about the glass, the glass partition, it may have been heard, the decoration home also has, the specific material, the focus of the decoration partition glass is Xiaobian for you to introduce it. There are many styles of partition glass, which can change the overall beauty, do not want the previous decoration, and die. If you choose a partition glass decoration. Relatively better than the effect. Tell the street about the material of the partition glass? Glass partition decoration tips.


First, the glass partition material introduction

1, we all according to the type of glass main material: single-layer glass partition, double-glazed partition, laminated glass partition, vacuum glass partition

2, can also be based on the material of the partition frame: aluminum alloy frame glass partition, stainless steel frame glass partition, steel frame glass partition, wooden keel frame glass partition, plastic steel frame glass partition, steel and aluminum frame glass partition, steel and wood material frame glass Partitioned, frameless pure glass partition

3, according to the high and low size: high glass partition, low glass partition, screen partition

4, according to the function and nature of the glass: safety glass partition, fire glass partition, ultra-white glass partition, explosion-proof glass partition, art glass partition, etc.

5, according to the frame material size: 26 glass partitions, 50 glass partitions, 80 glass partitions, 85 glass partitions, 100 glass partitions, custom special specifications frame.

Second, the glass partition decoration points

1. The color of the glass pays attention to the overall style of the room: the glass is mostly used as a glass with a strong decorative effect, and through the fantastic color transformation, it creates an extraordinary artistic effect. Therefore, if the decorative glass partition is used, it is important that the color tone be consistent with the overall decoration style of the room.

2. The partition wall is made of glass with a thickness of 1 cm. The load is preferably 0.3 cm, 0.5 cm, 0.8 cm, 1 cm, etc. For the glass partition wall, the thickness is 1 cm, the load is better, and the thickness is 0.5-0.8 cm. More suitable for pure decorative parts or cabinet panels.

3, glass material according to the bathroom area for adjustment: bathroom glass partition is more common, in the smaller bathroom, the impact of human activities on the glass can not be very large, with tempered glass to cut off; Glass partitions and partition walls in large spaces require a large amount of laminated glass.


Third, glass partition decoration skills

1, bathhouse glass decoration interval

The glass partition of the bathhouse can be excellently divided into two parts: dry and wet. The use of the glass partition of the bathhouse can make the space better and more rational.

2, bathroom decoration glass interval

The glass partition door is a kind of toilet spacing method commonly used today. The glass partition door is not only dirty after being cleaned, but only needs to be wiped off. The glass partition door has a firm texture and is used. The bathroom glass partition is also excellent for the dry and wet area of ​​the bathroom.

3, open kitchen glass decoration glass interval

In the kitchen, the cooking area is separated from the operation and the kitchen part is opened. It is also one of the ways to isolate the fumes. Originally, the Chinese kitchen was not suitable for being open-ended. Because the cooking method of Chinese food must produce a lot of fumes, the open kitchen is beautiful, but it is not useful for people who like to eat Chinese food.

After reading the above, do you think that the partition glass is really easy to use and beautiful? The partition glass also has certain specifications. When choosing, choose the decoration style and partition decoration suitable for your family. Also filter for materials. I hope that our offer can help everyone. You can pay more attention to the decoration home network.

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