What are the benefits of aluminum alloy die castings after infiltration?

【China Aluminum Network】 Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Infiltration is a new type of casting process, the main principle is to use polystyrene foam to make the same model with the casting, and then brushed aluminum alloy die casting infiltration special refractory coating , Drying, packing, pouring, replacing the foaming model with metal solution until the casting is produced, the later used sand will be treated with sand, cooled, dusted, statically selected, and magnetically separated to obtain a clean and appropriate dry sand. It can be roughly described as the white area, the red area, and the black area.

The main advantages of aluminum alloy die casting infiltration can also be divided into three parts:

First, cost savings

1. Dies used for impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings can be used for life, with virtually no loss, reducing or eliminating tooling costs.

2. The impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings abandons the core process of traditional moldings, which saves labor and reduces manufacturing costs.

3. The infiltration of aluminum alloy die castings has gradually evolved from the foundry industry with many male workers to the use of many female workers. It has also greatly reduced the labor force in all aspects and has reduced the costs in disguise.

4, aluminum alloy die casting infiltration sand can be recycled, the loss of 2% -5%.

Second, improve efficiency and yield

1. The foam model used for the impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings is mechanical foaming. While ensuring the quality of the model, the production speed is also quite rapid.

2. The impregnation process of aluminum alloy die castings simplifies the cumbersome steps of the traditional process, such as molding the core, which is not only laborious but also inefficient.

3, aluminum alloy die castings infiltration for a box more than one note, but also can cast more than one box at the same time, until the use of metal solutions.

Third, improve product quality

1. The impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings does not require molding of the lower core to eradicate the defects or waste products caused by the lower molding core.

2. It avoids the defects such as flash burrs or waste products that appear in the box buckle box, and improves the product accuracy.

3, most of the paint after the furnace can naturally fall off and no flash burr, so the cleaning time can be reduced by more than 50%, but also reduce the cost of cleaning.

4, due to the impregnation of the aluminum alloy die castings using dry sand solid negative pressure casting so as to exclude or reduce the existence of the casting holes and other defects.

5. As the impregnation of aluminum alloy die castings is vaporized by the foam model, the metal solution takes the place of the model, the original shape is the same, and the surface finish and dimensional accuracy are close to that of precision casting.

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