The door can be said to be a place for people to go in and out, so this place in feng shui is also known as a place to spit out, so people will pay more attention to its feng shui taboos, such as the direction the door should be good It will bring good fortune to the owner. The following Xiao Bian came to tell you about the general size of villa wall gate and what are the feng shui taboos on the villa gate.

What is the general size of villa wall gate

First of all, let us talk about the standard size of the villa entrance door. We must know that the gate of the villa will be designed with two gates. For example, one of the courtyard gates we see at the first sight, and another one is the entrance door. The width of the courtyard gate is generally about 2.5 meters or so. It is designed to consider the entrance and exit of vehicles. Of course, the width of the gate to the courtyard of the villa will ultimately be determined according to the size of the house and the structure of the building. Like some large courtyards, you may consider designing the gate width of the villa to 3-4 meters. It can be said that its height It is also not limited. So the villa entrance door is also the most commonly used size, in general is 1.2 meters * 2.5 meters, 1.5 * 3 meters.

What are the feng shui taboos

1. The feng shui of the villa door must first be “bright”

Fengshui explained that the feng shui of the villa was the first to be “bright,” so people said that when designing the villa gates, they could add a lamp in this position. It can be said that this method is also the best feng shui practice. Do not enter the secret door."

2. The villa door is open, the kitchen is not visible, and the villa door is not facing the fire

Fengshui explained: Because kitchens and stoves can be said to be a family's treasury, it is necessary to understand that one reason is that money does not reveal truth, then we must know that in feng shui, we must also pay attention to this point, for example, like to see the door , This will make the family's money into the wealth, but also means that the money can not keep the meaning.

3, villas should be more planting plants

Fengshui explained: Everyone wants to have a more prosperous airline in their own homes. Then we suggest that you have a lot of plants before your stay. This will strengthen the anger at the entrance, and at the same time it will increase the momentum of Yangzhai, but this is also a reminder. It should be noted that plants like vines are not suitable for planting in this position.

4, the villa door must be "gas"

Fengshui explained: The gate must be “satisfied”. If you put some dirty things at the gate, it will also allow the house to absorb dirt and turbulence. If this is the case, it will be difficult to achieve prosperity. Therefore, the gate should pay special attention to the “cleanliness.” For example, in this position, the shoes must be remembered to put it in the shoe, and they must not be placed arbitrarily.

Summary: Regarding the general size of the villa fence wall and the related content of the villa gate feng shui taboo, we will introduce it here. The gate believes that everyone knows the importance of it in a family, so no matter if you are in terms of design dimensions, or some surrounding pendulums Put special attention. I hope that the above introduction will help everyone.

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