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The level of training and awareness in the medical care around the world is very different. Therefore, a series of fixed rules, techniques and equipment will not appear in this article. However, there is one thing in the world that is the same, that is, the body and the body's multiple traumatic reactions to road traffic accidents.

Technical rescue personnel must have a basic understanding of the medical aspects of the rescue. The basic knowledge will ensure that the rescue operation is centered on the timely treatment of the wounded, the rescue route, and the timely treatment of the medical needs of the injured.

On the spot, according to geographical location, medical information will be determined by the following aspects:

1 , medical professionals, such as nursing staff

2. Physician trained in pre-hospital trauma care training

3. Technical rescue workers with emergency / trauma skills (firefighters / rescue workers)

4. Qualified medical professionals (nurses / physicians) who have not received pre-hospital trauma care training

Not all medical professionals have pre-hospital trauma care training. It is important to understand this. If they do not have experience or training outside the hospital, they will not be aware of the safety-related issues in the field.

Understand the point is to understand that studies have shown that many people can be rescued successfully within one hour after severely trauma, during this period, resulting in the death of two key factors are:

1 , a large number of blood loss (in vivo or in vitro)

2 , can not breathe

Keeping the airway open and stopping bleeding are two important skills that save lives. This is especially important if technical aid workers arrive at the scene before any specialized medical personnel such as nursing staff.

In most parts of the world, the care of the rescue is handled by nursing staff. This multi-agency collaboration approach means that there are two teams working on site: the technical team and the medical team.

In order to be completely wounded, this method of multi-agency collaboration must be highly planned and members should be trained together. This will ensure that both parties can fully understand each other's capabilities and needs, so that medical aid personnel can make clinical decisions based on technical requirements and vice versa.

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