Arranging a safe, comfortable and exquisite small world for children is the goal of every parent. After you have your own baby, you don't feel the slightest bitterness of your child. You always hope to put all your love on your baby. As for the decoration of the children's room, the furniture is too "soft", and the soft furniture makes the child comfortable and safe. But is this correct?

First, the children's bed from the perspective of parents

1, the child is not honest, the bigger the bed, the better

When many parents choose a bed, the standard is bigger, the better, the child is too young, and she is not honest and always likes to roll around. If the bed is too small, it is very easy to roll down. It is dangerous not to mention it. Uncomfortable. Therefore, when selecting a bed for a child, the child bed is ignored and the double bed for adults is selected.

2. Is the child's mattress a small adult mattress?

Many parents in the decoration of the children's room, the choice of mattress will not cause too much concern parents, basically feel that the child's mattress as long as the adult's mattress is smaller on it.

3, the child is too small, must be comfortable to sleep!

Many young moms and dads grew up sleeping in wooden plank beds when they were small. Although they were used to thinking that they had nothing to do, they were afraid that their children could not sleep comfortably when choosing their own children.

Second, to break the traditional misunderstanding, what are the hazards of adult beds instead of children's beds?

Children's sleep habits and body structure are different from those of adults. Studies have shown that before the age of 12, the spine is still in the development stage. The bone development has not yet been shaped. The bones are very soft. The mattresses are provided for the hips, spine and shoulders when sleeping. Strong support, as long as you do not pay attention, it is easy to leave hidden dangers for children.

1. Is the bed really bigger?

Is adult bed really safe? In fact, it is because the children are active, not honest, and easy to turn over. The adult bed provides room for the child's active movement, but it also creates a risk of being prone to lying. In addition, there is also a long and orderly study of Feng Shui.

2, adult bed mattress is too soft, easy to fall

And if the mattress is too soft, it's comfortable to sleep but it's easy to fall and it's difficult to turn over.

3, mattress is too soft is not conducive to bone growth

General adult mattresses are too soft, and sometimes even cause the child's spine to bend too much. Especially when lying on the side, the spine bends to one side and suffers from scoliosis for a long time.

4, adult mattress material is not healthy and safe

Compared with ordinary mattresses, the safety requirements for children's mattresses are relatively high. To protect children's health and safety, children's mattress surface fabrics must be made of 100% pure cotton, and internal glue must also use environmentally friendly glue. Normal mattresses have almost never reached this threshold and are therefore not suitable for children.

Xiao Bian added: When children grow up, the spine is soft and not stereotyped. Because children are active and refuse to be comfortable, they are not good at correcting spinal growth in daily life, but when they are asleep, they have enough conditions and necessary conditions. Provide support and decompression to their spine. Therefore, when choosing a bed for children, parents and moms should choose suitable beds and supportive mattresses. It must not be negligence, nor should it be "harmful" to children because of excessive care.

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