Nowadays, many people like to decorate their homes with some tiles. So, before, they were all relatively single color tiles. Now there are tiles and mosaic friends who want to know? What are the characteristics of our tile mosaic, friends can also Under the appreciation of the tile mosaic effect, there are some precautions in our tile mosaic that are also introduced to everyone, and hope that friends can like to help.


First, the method of tile mosaic

1. Before we look at the practice of how to embed the floor tiles, we must first understand the practice of conventional floor tiles. When laying the floor tiles, we need to make the seams. The size of the seams should be determined from the visual aesthetic point of view. When processing, all kinds of dirt on the wall should be cleaned and watered one day in advance. Before the floor tiles are pasted, they must be soaked in clear water for more than two hours. Take the bricks without bubbles, take them out and dry them for use.

2, edge strip cross positioning frame: the use of these auxiliary materials to make the construction process of the corner and the corner of the pavement have been greatly improved. No need for tile 45 degree trimming, which greatly saves working hours and damage. The cross positioning can improve the seam precision when paving the floor tiles and simplify the construction process.

3, a combination of a variety of specifications: it is characterized by the selection of a variety of geometric tiles of different sizes, in a certain combination of groups paved. Because the floor tiles are combined by different sizes and combinations, the geometric lines of the ground change immediately, and the changes and vividness are reflected in the order.

4. The floor tiles are composed of a variety of colors, which are randomly assembled by floor tiles of different glaze colors. Its visual effects vary widely and are imaginative. This is a challenge to our traditional “symmetric unity” aesthetics. It is suitable for larger halls.

5, the seams: it mainly emphasizes the return of history. The glazed surface is uneven, and the straight side is also corroded. The necessary gap is left for the paving, and it is filled with a color caulk to make the overall effect uniform, emphasizing the historical sense of dignity.


6. Wall paving: The combination of 45 degree diagonal paving and vertical paving makes the wall surface rich and varied from the original monotonous geometric lines, enhancing the three-dimensional and active atmosphere of the space.

Second, tile mosaic notes

1. The mosaic is not much different from the above two in the paving. It is only necessary to pay attention to the protection of the mosaic brick. Since the general mosaic is mostly waterjet cutting, the cost and the cost of the brick are relatively large, so carefulness is the most important. At the same time, it should be noted that the seams should be even and can not be misplaced. Finally, the bottom plate is fixed and then the whole plate is laid.

2, should pay attention to the protection of mosaic tiles, because the current general mosaic is waterjet cutting, the cost and consumption of bricks is relatively large, so careful is the most important, at the same time pay attention to the uniform stitching should not be misplaced.

3, finally find the bottom plate fixed and then the whole board paving. When the paving is stuck, it encounters the support of the pipeline, the lamp switch, the bathroom equipment, etc., and must be cut and matched with the whole brick set. It is forbidden to use the non-whole brick to piece together.

The above is some of our tile mosaic methods, friends have you learned? Our article describes the attention of these kinds of tile mosaics, Xiaobian also reminds everyone to pay more attention, our article above the tile mosaic picture friends We can appreciate, there are a lot of decoration information on our decoration home network, friends please pay attention to our website.

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