That is, the thermoelectric water heater can be divided into: multi-position hot electric water heater, constant temperature instant electric water heater, small kitchen treasure, instant electric heating hand washing treasure, instant solar energy companion, faucet electric heater and the like.

Multi-position hot water heater

The utility model relates to a thermoelectric water heater which adjusts the heating power by a plurality of gear positions, generally 7 gear positions, the small kitchen treasure generally has 3 gear positions, the hand washing treasure and the electric hot water tap generally have 1 to 2 gear positions.

Thermostatic instant electric water heater

The constant temperature instant electric water heater refers to an electric water heater that can maintain the water outlet temperature and the temperature set by the user substantially constant under the condition that the water inlet flow rate, the inlet water temperature and the power source voltage are changed. (It also includes small kitchen treasures, hand washing treasures, etc.).

Instant solar companion

The instant solar energy companion is an instant hot water heater that is combined with the solar water heater to assist heating. It is suitable for bathing, washing or separately as a kitchen with various solar energy, air energy, helium, electric heating and other water heaters. For water heaters. In solar water, air energy and other water heaters, due to weather, seasons, water quality and other reasons, when the hot water temperature does not reach the temperature required by people, auxiliary heating, the use of hot water is more convenient and efficient, realizing energy saving and emission reduction.

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