In order to control the rice planthopper pests, it is necessary to follow the principle of combining agricultural control with chemical control. At present, the pesticides for controlling rice planthopper pests on the market include pyridoxine and imidacloprid. How to scientifically control rice planthopper insect pests? Let's take a look at it below.

First, strengthen field monitoring to prevent and control in a timely manner:

Use insect test light and field survey to grasp the dynamics in time, and grasp the prevention and control of nymphs before the peak period of the nymphs (first and second age).

Second, advocate the development of unified defense

Rice planthopper has the characteristics of flying and spreading, and has strong activity ability. If the farmer disperses the drug, it will not achieve the proper control effect. Therefore, when dealing with prevention, we must achieve "three unifications", that is, to unify time, uniform chemicals, and unified technology for prevention and control, so as to improve the control effect and reduce the cost of prevention. Strive to unite prevention and control 1 to 2 times before the peak period (from the beginning to the peak), and then carry out the selection according to the actual situation in the field.

Third, the rational choice of pesticides

Adhere to the use of efficient and safe pesticides in the selection of pesticides. For example, pymetrozine or imidacloprid is sprayed with sufficient water. It is forbidden to choose pyrethroid pesticides that will stimulate large numbers of eggs.

(1) 25% of the use of 25% eucalyptus wettable powder 20-25 grams of water 60-75 kg spray.

(2) Acre with 25% chlorpyrifos WP 40-60 g with water 60-75 kg spray.

(3) Severe field: 25% of the eucalyptus WP 30-35 g + 80% dichlorvos emulsifiable concentrate 100 ml (or 40.8% lesbian emulsifiable concentrate 60 ml) with water 60-75 kg spray.

(4) Precautions: The amount of spray should be sufficient. The sprayed part should be sprayed to the base of the rice as much as possible. When applying the medicine, keep the shallow water layer of 5-10 cm in the field.

The following are agricultural measures to control rice planthoppers

First, rational close planting, improve the microclimate in the field, and improve the disease resistance of rice.

Second, rational fertilization, control of nitrogen fertilizer, increase application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, skillfully apply top dressing, make rice early fast-growing, increase the hardness of the plant, avoid the tenderness of rice planthopper, and reduce the harm.

Third, scientific irrigation, so that shallow water planting, inch water moisture, seedlings enough to dry the field, deep water booting, moist grouting, through reasonable irrigation, promote the growth of rice plants robust, enhance resistance.

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