To say which home has no sink is absolutely impossible, take the kitchen as the first consideration, wash the dishes and even wash the dishes without leaving it, or in the bathroom sink is also needed, or else the mop on the mopping floor to clean. So for the sink, don't underestimate the process. The leaking water or the oil with water will make you very sad. Xiaobian specially analyzes the sink installation process for everyone, and grasps the pre-order, which can effectively alleviate the occurrence of subsequent problems.

First, prepare to install the stainless steel sink

The installation of the stainless steel sink is usually installed after the countertop is installed. That is to say, the installation of the sink is done a few days before the completion of the renovation, mainly to avoid certain damage after installation.

1. First, open the package, remove the sink tank and drain components, and check if the accessories are correct and complete.

2. Take out the water tank and follow the opening template attached to the packing box to open the opening of the countertop. Check if the muffler block is degummed. If it is, please re-apply it.

3. Check whether the faucet is cracked or not, whether the sealing ring at both ends of the connecting pipe is missing, misplaced, damaged, etc., so as to avoid water leakage after installation.

Second, stainless steel sink installation precautions

1. The drain outlet of the sink must be left in the sink cabinet. Install the angle valve before installing the sink. In order to avoid damage to the outer surface of the faucet during the installation of the faucet, the faucet sleeve or faucet plastic bag should be placed on the faucet to install the faucet.

2. When connecting the hot and cold water pipes, face the faucet, the left end is connected with the hot water pipe, and the right end is connected with the cold water pipe.

3. When installing the bellows or braided tube, be sure to pay attention to the tightening force. If it is too large, it will easily damage the thread. If it is too small, it may leak due to the seal.

Third, after the installation is completed, do the water debugging of the stainless steel sink

Regarding the opening size of the stainless steel sink, the opening size of the stainless steel sink is generally 2 cm-2.5 cm in length and width of the outer diameter of the sink, and the angle R of the opening of the stainless steel sink is important. Finally, if the two slots are installed, it is recommended that you use the two sinks alternately to ensure that the sink is not blocked or leaking.

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