The balcony of the bedroom is good or not. The balcony is a transitional space between indoor and outdoor. It is an ideal place to breathe fresh air and bathe in warm sunshine. Standing on the balcony, people can lean on the rails, dry clothes, grow flowers and plant grass, and paint life to add a leisurely taste. So how do the bedroom balcony partitions fit? Follow the small series together to find out about it!

Bedroom balcony cut off

The balcony is an extension of the interior space and is also a transition between the interior and exterior. With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, people's design requirements for the home are becoming more and more detailed. In the traditional sense, balconies used only for drying and washing are gradually becoming The interior decoration can not be ignored, the balcony is well-arranged, not only can add a poetic mood for the hall, but also add a romantic feeling for life!

The balcony of the bedroom is partitioned and paved with marbles. Put one or two pillows, and sit back and watch the scenery outside the window. It's easy and comfortable.

The balcony is partitioned off the bedroom, put a soft cushion, you can read a book, next to a small table v can put a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, quietly enjoy a person's time.

The balcony is partitioned from the bedroom. The uniqueness of this small balcony lies in the white cushions and curtains, and the curtains are put into another space.

Separated from the balcony bedroom, directly into the form of a small balcony into the bed, you can read their own small books, you can also have friends from afar to do when the habitat, it is a double benefit.

How to do the bedroom balcony partition

1. You can remove doors and windows so that it will not affect the original structure. After the doors and windows are removed, the temperature in the room will be affected, and the heat insulation performance will be deteriorated. Therefore, after the windows and doors are removed, the temperature may be appropriately considered.

2, if you want to make a balcony insulation, the surface treatment will affect the insulation material, to paint the balcony wall, then you want to heat insulation material extruded board, and then use light steel keel as skeleton, A layer of gypsum board is sealed on the outside, and after the crack prevention treatment, a putty paint is applied. If the wall is to be tiled, then the extruded slabs are fixed and then the light bricks are tiled to prevent the tiles from emptying because the expansion coefficient between the light steel keel and the cement mortar is different.

3, the design of the balcony and the bedroom, it is better to design it as a bar not only simple, but also avant-garde fashion. During the renovation, you can choose to spread the marble on the countertop to increase the width, and to make the partitions or shelves on the side walls. This can be made into a small shelf or a bar. It is also possible to add some lamps or some decorative pendants on the top, or to use a side wall of the balcony as a locker, so that it can cover up some of the tubes very well, which is beautiful and can increase the storage space.

The partition between the bedroom and the balcony should also pay attention to: If the balcony is a concrete structure, then some areas will be lost in the internal insulation, so the owners have to choose according to their own needs.

Bedroom balcony cut off matters needing attention

1. Most bedrooms use wall-mounted hard partitions to hide certain spaces. In some specific rooms, such as bedrooms, hard partitions are completely rigid and stiff. Try using a draper or a sand dune. Beads, etc. replace traditional hard partitions.

2, glass partition, the use of glass in the family, not only conducive to lighting, reducing the tightness of the narrow space, but also reflects the owner of the unique modern fashion style. Therefore, glass has gradually become the new favorite in home decoration. Ordinary consumers may not be aware that there are many kinds of glasses that seem to be common, and it is necessary to select the appropriate glass according to different needs.

3, stained glass partition is a color art glass as the main body of the partition and the use of fantastic color transformation to create extraordinary artistic effects, so the choice of stained glass partition important point is that the tone and the room's overall decorative style consistent. It must be emphasized that when the area of ​​monolithic glass is too large (for example, more than 1 square meter), there are relatively large security risks in terms of architecture.

Summary: The relevant information on the bedroom balcony partitions was introduced for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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