Researchers at the Singapore Solar Energy Research Institute (SERIS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) announced that they have developed a very low-cost technology for nano-scale texturing after diamond-line polysilicon wafer cutting (mc-Si).

The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore pointed out that due to the fact that the existing etching processes are expensive and reduce the conversion efficiency, the widely used diamond wire polycrystalline silicon wafers are limited. Reactive ion etching (RIE) is not a low-cost process, and metal-catalyzed chemical etching (MCCE) technology increases metal particle contamination.

Dr. Huang Ying, chief inventor of the DWS wafer weaving technology at the Singapore Solar Energy Research Institute, said: “Our technology is simpler, cheaper, doesn't use metal, and the efficiency of the battery exceeds 20%. For these reasons, I firmly believe that we The technology will become the mainstream texturing technology used by polysilicon solar cell manufacturers."

The Solar Energy Institute of Singapore wet chemistry technology uses proprietary chemicals to etch the surface of polysilicon wafers, generating nanoscale features that are smaller than the wavelength of incident light, which can enhance light capture and have the potential to achieve 20% conversion efficiency of polysilicon solar cells.

The Singapore Solar Energy Institute pointed out that this kind of battery conversion efficiency is about 0.5% (absolute value) higher than the current battery production efficiency of the solar photovoltaic manufacturers.

Dr. Joel Li, head of the Polysilicon Solar Panel at Singapore Solar Energy Research Institute added: “We have used our technology to solve the long-term challenges faced by the photovoltaic industry. This technology has been proven to be an effective low cost process for the DWS polysilicon wafers. The PV industry can use our technology to convert from slurry cutting to cheaper DWS polysilicon wafers, and the price will be reduced by 5-15%. For a gigawatt-level factory, this means savings of 10 million annually. The cost of dollars. This level of cost savings is very attractive in cost-sensitive industries such as photovoltaics."

Professor Armin Aberle, CEO of the Singapore Solar Energy Research Institute, said, “This low-cost texturing method has enormous potential to promote significant cost reductions in the photovoltaic industry and has been approved by a number of first-tier manufacturers. The Singapore Solar Energy Institute plans to The technology was licensed to and worked closely with interested manufacturers and used and upgraded in these companies' production lines.This year, as the photovoltaic industry experienced a major shift from slurry cutting to DWS polysilicon wafers, we believe Singapore Solar The new technology developed by the Institute will become the mainstream of the DWS polysilicon film technology."

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