Affected by the sluggish global economy and domestic real estate control policies, there was no obvious recovery in Hongmu transactions in October. Dalbergia japonica (commonly known as the red rosewood) Although the atmosphere of the transaction was obviously improved, but in the midst of the National Day Mid-autumn Festival, the first week of October sales are not ideal, the price is stable. At present, Shanghai market purchasers start with 6-15 thousand yuan per ton of material. Guangdong market is 2-4 yuan / ton to take the goods more smoothly.

During the National Day, the fruit rosewood had a relatively good performance. It was the main transaction of mahogany during the double festival period. Currently, the diameter of the large-leaved rosewood logs in the Guangdong market is reported to be about 1.5-1.6 ten thousand yuan per ton in the diameter of the rosewood, and the price of the 20-30-cm square wood is reported. Reported to 1.2-1.3 yuan / ton. smooth.

The volume and price of O. rosea (commonly known as Myanmar rosewood) were stable, and the price of the timber was reported at 1.6-1.8 yuan/ton. Sandalwood sandalwood (commonly known as lobular rosewood) is reported in the Guangdong market at 28 kg to 55-56 thousand yuan per ton. Shanghai market caliber is 15-20, length is 1.6-1.9, solidity about 70% of the material price is about 1.28 million per ton; caliber 15 is below, the material with very low material price is about 650,000 per ton, the market is not Special quality material.

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