On June 15, the National Science and Technology Support Plan project acceptance meeting commissioned by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State Grid Corporation of China was held in Beijing. The research project of "Testing Technology for Large-Scale Wind Turbine Transmission Chains" undertaken by the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully passed acceptance.

The project was jointly completed by five units including Zhejiang Yunda Wind Power Co., Ltd., Zhejiang University, Beijing Sanli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and the National Wind Machinery Standardization Technical Committee. The project conducted research on the design and integration technology of the ground test system for the transmission chain of large wind turbines and the ground test technology of the transmission chain. It completed for the first time the key test equipment including wind turbine torque simulation, 5-degree-of-freedom non-torque loading device, and real-time power grid simulation system. The detailed design scheme and design drawings of the ground test system for the transmission chain of 10MW wind turbines have developed the first domestic 100kW wind turbine transmission chain hardware-in-the-loop empirical simulation system with full working condition simulation capability, of which 100kW level 5 DOF non-torque loading The device prototype is the first domestic development, focusing on researching and mastering the full working condition simulation and control technology of the ground test system of the wind turbine drive chain and conducting empirical tests. The country first developed the "Technical Specifications for Ground Test of Wind Turbine Drive Chain" in China. The standard can provide guidance for the ground test verification of the large wind turbine drive chain in the laboratory.

The research results obtained by the project can provide technical support for the development and construction of the ground-level public test system of the national large-scale wind turbine drive chain. The empirical simulation system of the 100kW-level wind turbine drive chain and the 6MW wind turbine drag test bench are technical research and verification And the research and development, verification, testing and testing of large-scale wind turbines and key components have provided supporting conditions, and have played an important role in promoting the public testing capability and level of high-power wind turbines in China.

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Ground empirical test system for 100kW class wind turbine drive chain

PLA polylactic acid is also known as polylactide and belongs to the polyester family. Polylactic acid is a polymer obtained by polymerization of lactic acid as the main raw material. The raw material source is sufficient and renewable, mainly using corn and cassava as raw materials. The production process of polylactic acid is pollution-free, and the product can be biodegraded to realize the circulation in nature, so it is an ideal green polymer material.

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Product advantages:

1. Starch-natural raw material: using natural corn starch as raw material, sustainable supply, re-use of natural resources, PLA biodegradable sheet material, endless circulation.

2. Degradation-safe biodegradation: The raw material is natural polymer compounds, which can be degraded in the natural environment.

3. Environmental protection-green environmental protection: After the product is used, it can be quickly degraded by microorganisms in the natural environment and become plant nourishment. It truly originates from nature and returns to nature, effectively solving the environment caused by white pollution.

4. Health-Harmony: The raw materials are natural, the production process is aseptic, and the disinfection inspection is strict. After the product is degraded, it will not be toxic to the soil and air, and there is no secondary pollution.

5. Low carbon-strong substitution: it can replace plastic products using petroleum as raw material and paper products using wood as raw material.

6. International standards: fully comply with "4R+1D" international environmental protection standards (4R: low consumption, green materials, recyclable, reciprocating production, 1D: degradation)
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