1 walnut anthracnose

1.1 symptoms

Anthracnose is mainly harmful to the fruit, producing dark brown, slightly concave, round or irregular lesions. When the disease is heavy, the whole fruit rots and shrinks and shrinks. When the weather is wet, a pink dot with a wheel-like arrangement is formed on the lesion.

1.2 Prevention methods

1.2.1 Fitness cultivation

Planting disease-resistant varieties; clearing the garden in winter, removing diseased fruits, diseased leaves, growing seasons, removing diseased bodies in a timely manner, burning intensively; scientifically applying fertilizer water to enhance tree potential; strengthening summer pruning, improving ventilation and light transmission conditions in the garden, and controlling diseases happened.

1.2.2 Chemical control

At the beginning of the disease, you can use 75% chlorothalonil WP 500 times solution, 70% senseng zinc WP 600 times solution, 50% anthrax umme WP 600 times solution, spray, 7~10d once, even Spray 2~3 times.

2 walnut black spot

2.1 symptoms

Black spot disease damages walnut leaves, new shoots and fruits. The leaves are susceptible, the lesions on the young leaves are brown, polygonal; the lesions on the older leaves are round, the center is taupe, the edges are brown, sometimes there are yellow halos around, and the central taupe sometimes forms perforations. When the disease is heavy, the lesions are connected to each other. The lesions on the shoots are long, brown, and slightly sunken. When the disease is heavy, the lesions surround the branches, and the upper part of the branches die. The fruit is damaged, and the initial epidermis is a small and slightly bulging brown soft spot. At the later stage, it gradually expands and becomes dark and sag, and there is a water-soaked halo on the periphery. When the disease is heavy, the nuts become black and rot.

2.2 Prevention methods

2.2.1 Fitness cultivation

Clear the diseased leaves, diseased fruits, diseased shoots, etc. of the orchard, reduce the source of the bacteria; scientifically apply fertilizer water, enhance the tree potential, improve the tree resistance; timely control pests (especially walnut limbs), reduce wounds, and achieve disease prevention purposes .

2.2.2 Chemical control

Spraying 1:0.5~1:200 Bordeaux mixture in the leaves (before the emergence of female flowers), after flowering and early in the young fruit; in the early stage of the disease, spray 72% agricultural streptomycin soluble powder 4000 times solution, 65% mancozeb Zinc wettable powder 600 times liquid and the like.

3 walnut brown spot

3.1 symptoms

Brown spot disease is the damage to leaves, shoots and fruits. First, there are nearly round or irregular lesions on the leaves, with a taupe in the middle and a dark yellow-green or purple-brown edge. The lesions often fuse together to form a large dead zone of scorch, often with yellow or golden yellow around, which is easy to fall off early. On the onset of young shoots, there are dark brown lesions with long oval or irregular shape, and the edges are light brown. There are often longitudinal cracks in the middle of the lesions. The surface of the diseased part is scattered with black small particles. The lesions on the fruit are smaller than the leaves, sag, spread, and the fruit turns black and rots.

3.2 Prevention methods

3.2.1 Agricultural control

Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, enhance the tree potential and improve disease resistance. Timely removal of the diseased branches of the orchard, deep burial or burning of the diseased leaves, elimination of the source of the bacteria, and prevention of the disease from continuing to invade and spread.

3.2.2 Chemical control

In addition to the spray of Bordeaux mixture and methyl thiophanate, the effect of 300 times of Alik's capsule water agent on walnut brown spot disease is better.

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