Spring is coming, all things are reviving, the flowers are beautiful, and there is a vitality everywhere. As the saying goes, "One year's plan is spring." Spring is the best season for healthy investment. Regular exercise can enhance the body's immune system and significantly reduce the incidence of diseases such as the respiratory system in one year. And if you don't exercise in the spring, you won't be able to beat the spirit all year round!

Then the question is coming. In a sunny and good weather, going to an outdoor exercise is equivalent to oxygen, and the ash is like a haze. Exercise is equal to smoking. Because the harmful substances in smog include sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5. Experts have advised that turbid haze can easily cause irritation to the respiratory tract and cause high respiratory tract reactions. PM2.5, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants in smog are the main precipitating factors for asthma and chronic bronchitis.

In addition, the spring in the north, especially in windy weather, Yang Xu, catkins, pollen, etc. have become a nightmare for all kinds of people, especially allergic people. Yang Liuxu not only affects the environmental sanitation of the city, but also harms the health of the human body to some extent. Some allergic persons may face itching or even soreness due to catkins, pollen, and other irritations. If they inadvertently inhale into the nose or mouth, coughing and sneezing may occur.

This shows that it is necessary to do a good job of respiratory protection in the spring.

So in the spring, what are the measures for flood prevention, dust prevention and hypoallergenic prevention? In fact, the most direct and most important thing is to wear protective masks.

In times of bad haze and catkins, try to avoid outdoor activities. If you need to travel, pay attention to wearing a mask. General masks have little effect in protecting PM2.5, and are excellent for protecting catkins, sand dust and other large particles. People who work outdoors for a long time need to purchase professional protective masks in order to avoid chronic health hazards such as PM2.5. Professional protective masks are slightly more expensive than regular masks, but they have significant effects in protecting various types of pollutants and pollen.

Moreover, professional masks should not be less effective in preventing haze. "PM2.5 particles are very small and very penetrative, and the mask material on the market determines that they are very limited in blocking fine particles." It is understood that some brands (such as Yangpu Medical, etc.) anti-mite masks It has passed the test of the National Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the sports family can try it.

The three-dimensional natural cotton type anti-mite masks produced by Yangpu Medical Enterprise all passed the test of "GB2626-2006 Respiratory Protection Products Self-priming Filter Type Particle Respirator" and obtained a test report. The test results proved that the overall filtering effect reached 91.3%. Respiratory resistance is less than the national standard requirements. Its 3D stereoscopic filter design is an exclusive initiative that enables the mask to fit perfectly into the person's face, and the mask has also won an innovation award. In addition, the company's R&D team launched the KN95 disposable type anti-mite mask (three-dimensional ultra-thin type) that also passed the test. The filtration efficiency, dead space and leakage rate reached the KN95 level in the GB2626 standard, and the breathing resistance was small. Standard requirements, wear more comfortable. The appearance of the mask solved the problem that when the KN95 mask was worn on the market, it was boring and the breathing resistance was high and the breathlessness was caused, allowing consumers to breathe more quickly while gaining greater respiratory protection. According to Xiao Bian, all face masks produced by Yangpu Medical Enterprise are individually packaged after ethylene oxide sterilization to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms during storage. For the safety and health problems that ordinary masks ignore, Yangpu Medical has done it. Masks produced by medical companies are more reassuring than black-hearted merchants who are brandish and exaggerate the effectiveness of masks.

In addition, for the characteristics of women's skin, Yang Pu medical also specially developed a multi-functional protective mask, the liner is made of chitosan material, in the antibacterial and effective protection of the skin to meet the needs of women wear.

In short, haze days to protect themselves, the most important thing is to wear masks. When consumers choose masks, they must pay attention to the type to prevent any difficulty.

Haze is harmful. Citizens can reduce their injuries by wearing masks. They can also adjust themselves through diet. Health is its own, and pollution prevention must be done from everyone. In the meantime, if individuals can make negative and harmless efforts, if we can make positive environmental protection measures, there will be fewer and fewer haze days in the future.

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