Optical transceivers and weak electrical security monitoring systems Weak electrical security is generally a single-mode optical cable, because the commonly used video optical transceivers are single-mode. The monitoring is generally carried out outdoors. The average number of cores of the outdoor optical cable is 4 cores, and the upper ones are added in pairs. It is 4, 6, 8, 12, which are more commonly used, and several core cables are mainly used according to the project. Design needs. The function of a pair of video optical transceivers is 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 channels of video can be selected plus 1 485 reverse control connected to the PTZ control line. A pair of optical transceivers only need one core, which means that if you use a pair of 32 optical transceivers, you must also connect a 4-core optical cable. The normal design is that you have to leave a core for your fiber, so if you need to use three cores, then you can pull a 6-core. Remember a pair of fiber optic ribbons with a pair of optical transceivers.
The configuration of the optical transceiver is mainly determined according to the design and actual needs of the optical transceiver. The main signals transmitted by the optical transceiver are video, audio and control signals, so the configuration is also divided according to these aspects.
Video Indicators Video main technical indicators are: input / output level, impedance, signal to noise ratio, bandwidth, differential gain, differential phase and so on. Input/output levels, impedance, and bandwidth are standard to follow in the surveillance field. Video input and output: 1VP-P, impedance: 75Ω, bandwidth: 10Hz-10MHz (except for special application requirements). The main indicators that affect the performance of optical transceivers in the video section are:
#Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N): The ratio of signal to noise. The higher the value, the better. Intuitively, the image has snowflakes, fluttering interference patterns, and regular fine twill patterns are low in signal-to-noise. ,
In the signal-to-noise ratio, the digital optical transceiver can generally reach 67dB, while the analog optical transceiver generally does not exceed 60dB;
#Differential gain (DG): The index mainly affects the saturation of the color signal. The DG distortion of the video signal means that the gain characteristic of the system varies with the level of the input signal. Popularly speaking,
When the brightness blanking level changes to the white level, a change in the amplitude of the chrominance signal occurs at the output of the video channel, such that the color saturation in the bright portion and the dark portion,
Hues (especially saturation) vary. Digital optical transceiver DG ≤ 1%, while analog optical transceiver DG ≤ 3%;
#Differential phase (DP): Its index mainly affects the color tone of the color signal. The DP distortion of the video signal means that the phase shift characteristic of the system varies with the input video signal. The amount of phase shift on the transmission line varies with different luminance levels, and the phase shift between the color burst and the color subcarrier changes, so that the hue of the bright portion and the dark portion of the picture is different. Digital optical transceiver DP≤0.70, and analog optical transceiver DP≤30;
#编码位数(only reflected in digital optical transceiver): generally 8/10/12bit, the higher the number of digits, the larger the sample size, the better the image quality, but the data traffic will also increase greatly.
The bandwidth requirements for transmission media are strict.
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