The net chair is also an office furniture that we usually see in work and life. This kind of office net chair is different from other office chairs because it uses the mesh chair design, and its breathability and comfort are very good. Therefore, many companies are more inclined to choose office net chairs when choosing office chairs. In fact, this office net chair is very well known to everyone. But do you know the price of this office net chair? Today, let's take a look at the pictures of several sets of office net chairs with gojia. Let's take a look at the price of this office net chair.


The most important thing in the high-rise buildings is the young figure. Many companies prefer the office furniture to be more youthful. This office net chair is very comfortable and stylish. This office net chair is designed with versatile ergonomics. The top of the office mesh chair back is designed to avoid the entire human back when leaning against the plastic frame. The feeling of discomfort. I think the armrest design of this office net chair is also very exquisite and scientific. This silver decorative ring makes the whole office net chair more fashionable. This triangular armrest shape combined with the rounded corner design makes this office net chair design more ergonomically designed and more comfortable, and makes the entire office net chair more dynamic. A few of this small pink office net chairs are in RMB: 269 yuan.


Simple and practical is always the favorite of business units when choosing office furniture. The next office chair is a very simple and practical office net chair. This office net chair uses the OA professional office mesh finish. The finish of this material is very comfortable and breathable, and it is very durable. Suitable for office workers who work for a long time. This office mesh chair uses a special high-strength arrangement of reinforced fibers. The flexibility and flexibility of this office mesh chair are very good. The filler in this office net chair uses a 40-density high-elastic sponge that is not deformed for a long time and is very comfortable. The price of this office net chair is slightly more expensive, the price is 520 yuan.


Xiaobian's favorite office chair is the kind of office chair that can slide freely. This model, whether it is styling or its functional use, is an office net chair that Xiaobian feels very good. Then everyone saw that this is a modern minimalist style office chair. This style is very simple and atmospheric. Very suitable for young companies and personalized businesses. The shape is very simple and stylish. And the mesh seat surface of this office mesh chair is designed to make it breathable. Sedentary will not feel hot and uncomfortable. The color of this office net chair is very much, and the selectivity is also very strong. The design of the automatic lifting can also be adjusted according to your needs when using this office net chair. The price of this office net chair is relatively cheaper. The price of this office net chair is around RMB 198.

The above is the price of the net chair that Xiaobian has arranged for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our home.

 Brief introduction
Acoustic Barrier For Highway is mainly used as a noise reduction of road, highway, viaduct and other noise sources. It is a kind of barrier set at the side of road or railway in order to reduce the impact of vehicles' noise on residents nearby.
1.Material: PC Acrylic board,Plastic panle, steel sheet or aluminium sheet
2.Inner material: Glass wool
3.Sheets thickness: 0.8-1mm,but we can also design as our clients request.

4.Panel size: Width-500mm,Length2000mm is  standard size ,the panel can be longer ,but no more than 4meters.


Light pollution, anti-glare, anti-aging, impact resistance and freeze resistance, sound absorption coefficient of stability, resistance to wet, easy to corrupt, easy to bend processing, easy to transport, disassembling maintenance convenience, price reasonable, and can spray all sorts of color.


Highway Sound Barrier

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