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======= For non-platform parties and their developers, the article only indicates that similar software can be developed =======
Internet diversification-connection, contact channels have become extremely fast and convenient, which has led to changes in the market, access to information has become easier, people's material life and spiritual needs have been qualitatively improved, interconnection is changing the market, The market is also continuously promoting the upgrade of the association. It is necessary to establish incremental thinking, avoid stock thinking, emphasize the use of rights and interests rather than ownership, promote services, and weaken products.
Meow Zan is a reward platform for completing the tasks of Douyin and Kuaishou's likes and comments. You don't need to scan the App to scan the code. The task requirements are usually to copy the link and then go to Kuaishou or Douyin to find related video publishing tasks. You will receive a reward for completing the suggested 10 words or more comments
About the platform credit description:
1. Meow praise credit is less than 200, you can only register 2 missions per day
2. Meow praise credit is less than 150, cannot withdraw cash and recharge, and cannot sign up to publish tasks
Credit points increase:
1. Click [daily check-in] credit score +1
2. Complete the task for the first time on the day and get a bounty, with a credit score of +1 (once a day)
3. The task is released for the first time on the day and there is no arbitration record, the credit score is +2 (once a day)
Credit score reduction:
1. After the registration task is successful, it is not completed within the specified time, and the credit score is -1;
2. Media task: Maliciously transmitted pictures, wrong pictures (see the novice guide for details of deductions), reputation-2
3. Personal task: after failing to pass, it has not been revised and passed within the specified time, the credit score is -2,
Admission income reward
1. After the apprentice successfully completes the task and gets a bounty, he gets a 3% reward of his commission. After the second friend successfully completes the task and gets the bounty, he gets a 2% reward of his commission.
2. When your first-level friend posts a task and places it on top, you will receive a 20% reward. When your second-level friend posts a task and places it on top, you will receive a 10% reward!
With the development of the Internet, the field is constantly subdivided, so you have to find an entry point, rather than give up clearly, rather than accept it indiscriminately. Because the time is one-dimensional, there will not be much time for trial and error, and now that the times are changing with each passing day, and technology upgrades are getting faster and faster, which makes it necessary to combine personal circumstances and industry requirements when choosing an industry entry You ca n’t enter the business casually, so you are not responsible for yourself.

Wall Mount Hand Sink

Wall Mount Hand Sink is mostly used in commercial kitchens, like kitchens of restaurant, café and so on. In USA, the FDA food code requires that every foodservice business have at least one hand sink located in a convenient location for employees to use before handling food, after using the restroom, or after taking a smoke break.

As a 30 years company, we make Wall Mount Hand Sink one stop. Usually, a wall mount sink is composed with 2 parts: the sink bowl made by pressing and the other part by handmade. To complete a wall mount sink one stop, we are fully equipped with all the needed equipments and people through the whole procedure: building a mould, cutting materials with laser cutter, pressing a bowl with hydraulic machine, bending, welding by robots, surface treating by robots or people.

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