With the continuous development of technologies such as liquid crystal display technology, embedded hardware splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, and signal switching technology, it can effectively control its core technology and cost control. LCD splicing walls have the advantages:

First, the shape integration, the entire hardware architecture, the work is very stable, with a strong sense of the times and technology. At present, Kaibo Taiqi introduced two different models of LeTV LCD splicing screens, using two different specifications of the Samsung 46′′ and Samsung 55′′ LCD panels. Product appearance can be free-standing or wall-type. In particular, the stand-alone integrated screen adopts the most advanced coating technology to ensure the appearance and durability of the color of the external chassis, and is suitable for various indoor applications. LCD splicing walls have the advantage of being infinitely splicable regardless of the number of units.

The second is true full HD and a perfect visual feast. Levin-dimensional NICEVIEW adopts the embedded LCD splicing method of full hardware and independent chip processing, which makes the image signal really show high-definition resolution of 1920*1080p. The embedded LCD splicing method can independently adjust the white balance, brightness, contrast, sharpness and other splicing quality of the display unit. At the same time, built-in 3D drying function, so that the image outline clear, smoother screen, ACE-3 image color processing, color performance, with high brightness, high contrast, and high-quality color saturation and image layering. The technology also has the advantages of strong stability, quick start-up, ease of use, and small size. Due to their respective processing, the number of splicing units can theoretically be infinite.

The third is through software control to implement multiple display functions such as picture-in-picture, image roaming, and switching. In the application process of video surveillance, in addition to realizing the large-screen display of the entire screen, the LCD splicing curtain wall must also realize multi-channel small-screen display. Flexible operation, fast response, and control software can easily control the entire system. For example: It is required to watch the pictures of all monitoring points at the same time. When an abnormal situation occurs at a certain monitoring point, the screen can be quickly enlarged to full screen through software switching.

The fourth is to support simultaneous access of multiple video devices. The product has the function of displaying the analog video signal and the digital video signal on the splicing screen at the same time, and displays the input signal quickly and smoothly.

Fifth, independent research and development, the product has a high cost performance. The appearance of the LCD splicing curtain wall is beautiful, the overall structure is compact, the device has good heat dissipation performance, convenient operation, low electromagnetic radiation, strong anti-interference ability, the motherboard has passed the EMI test, the whole machine complies with EMC design requirements, the interface is more humane, and there is automatic protection The system will start protection when it exceeds the preset criteria, allowing you to use more confidence, more security, low maintenance costs and continuous upgrading of system features, with a very high price/performance ratio.

The universal application of intelligent video surveillance technology is increasingly demanding for terminal displays. LCD splicing curtain wall is the highest-end, most ideal display device today, and its excellent performance has been widely recognized. The liquid crystal splicing curtain wall adopts the liquid crystal screen as the splicing unit, overcomes the shortcomings of the DLP and the PDP curtain wall, and provides a large screen display device with excellent performance and flexible use. Original address: http://security.zol.com.cn/245/2451713.html

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