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First, the living area fire safety technical measures

(I) Fire Prevention

Many factors occurrence of fire, to give priority to prevention, choice from daily life's little things to start:

1 , not in the living area to set off fireworks.

2 , do not smoke. Smoking is harmful to your health and can easily cause fires.

3 , love fire protection facilities. To prevent fires, safe passage to prevent evacuees event of a fire, living area, fire hydrant test chamber, fire extinguishers, fire and other fire sandbox to consciously care facilities for fire occurs, to ensure unimpeded.

4. When the appliance is used up or people are leaving, turn off the power immediately to prevent the appliance from overheating and cause danger.

5 , gas tanks should be used away from fire, but also regularly check to ensure normal use.

6 , when cleaning, to litter and other garbage for deep-buried or sent to the garbage yard, do not take the method of ignition; do not casually burn waste paper.

(II) Fire prevention measures in fire prone areas

1 , the kitchen

Most fires occur in the kitchen, so do not leave people try to cook, let alone between unattended long time; do not put food, towels, rags, etc. on the gas stove and other appliances; curtains and other items away from the stove as possible Far away. Always remove the oil on the stove and spilled food, learn to put out a small fire with a pot of oil or platter. Never splash water on an oil fire. Non-crouched personnel must not play with the fire and play with the gas stove. Keep in mind that the gas stove's Mars will burn gas that is volatilized from gasoline, paint, dry cleaners, etc., not to put these chemicals on the stove. Do not burn garbage in the stove.

2 , dormitory, office

Indiscriminate smoking, especially in bed, is one of the main causes of fire in living areas . Before disposing of cigarettes, they must be squeezed and soaked. Electric heating, electric heaters, office appliances, wires, and electrical equipment should be more than 3 meters . When the room before going to bed or unmanned, to cut off computers, printers, televisions, tape recorders, electric fans and other electrical devices.

3 , boiler room fire prevention measures

( 1 ) It is forbidden to drink or sleep in the boiler room, and it is forbidden for any unrelated person to enter.

(2) staff to remain at their posts, must comply with safety rules boiler room is strictly prohibited AWOL. It is forbidden to stack flammable and explosive materials near the boiler room, and it is forbidden to store in the boiler room and to dispose of flammable and explosive materials and baked goods. Always check and test safety valves, barometers, water level gauges, etc. to keep them sensitive and effective.

(3) The furnace of the boiler room, various pipes, valves, flue gas, water tables, etc., to make periodic checks record, found cracks, voids or defects such heat leakage, immediately reported for repair Engineering If necessary, cut off the power supply and gas first.

(4) the establishment of personal responsibility, strict implementation, step by step-by who implemented one by one, so that the layers to ensure strict implementation of the shift system, each class carry out inspection records, to prevent incorrect operation or negligence major accident.

( 5 ) The staff must be able to skillfully use all kinds of fire extinguishing equipment. The fire equipment should be placed in a safe and reliable position and it is not allowed to move freely.

(6) boiler room gas pipe valves and fuel injection pipe is key fire site, should strengthen management, identify problems and timely repair once the boiler room fire broke out, close the gas valve and power supply immediately. Closely contact the fire control center and report the latest situation.

Second, anti-theft security measures in living areas:

The basic methods of anti-theft are three types: human defense, physical defense and technical protection. Among them, civil air defense is the only reliable method to prevent and stop the theft of crime; physical defense is a kind of most widely used basic protective measures; technical defense is to find intrusions immediately, can replace the guardian of the people, and will not fatigue and slack, can be long A more concealed and reliable preventive measure when time is in a state of alert. The most important thing is to do office work and laboratory security, protect public property and private property of workers. This is not only a personal matter, but also a major concern for all employees.

1. The 24- hour duty system is adopted in the living area .

2, usually the last to leave the office staff room to shut the windows and lock the door, do not want to bother. It is necessary to develop the habit of turning off lights, closing windows, and locking the door at will . At night, duty officers are responsible for inspections and make records.

3. Those who find suspicious behavior should be more vigilant and pay more attention. When the perpetrators went to the office and the lab to steal, they often had to find various excuses, such as finding someone and someone to ask him to find something, seeing that the management was lax, the freedom to go in and out, the door widened, and they walked back and forth and looked around. Opportunity to act, find out the situation, take advantage of the opportunity to lock the door and lock theft. Regardless of whether the employee encountered such a suspicious person, he should take the initiative to step forward and ask if the person who came has a legitimate reason to speak clearly. If the messenger can not say they can not tell the basic justification Unit, the more doubt, it looks inevitable panic, the need for further cross-examination, if necessary, also asked him to show a card to prove. If it is verified that the identity is correct and no evidence of theft is found, the person on duty can record the name, number, and time of entry and exit, and then ask them to leave.

4, should actively participate in security duty office, good security Precautionary work. By participating in security work such as on-duty and patrol, not only the security of property, but also the awareness of security and anti-theft, exercise and increase the talents of social practice.

5. Pay close attention to the operation of anti-theft doors, windows, infrared alarms, and monitoring devices for physical protection and technical prevention , and identify problems in a timely manner.

Third, the living area anti-gas poisoning safety measures:

(a) How to properly use the gas mask and stove

1 , to prevent gas pipes and gas cooker leak. Before leaving the kitchen, the culprits should check whether the gas switch is closed and whether the gas in the kitchen leaks the unique odor. If there is any doubt, apply soapy water to the place where the leak is suspected. If there is leakage, soap bubbles will be taken at the place to be examined. Do not use the ignition method to check the leak, because when the gas content in the air reaches 5 - 40% , the explosion will occur in the event of an open flame.

2. Prevent the gas from being ignited after being ignited, resulting in a lot of deflation. When cooking rice, boiling water, soup, etc., someone should watch over it. Don't leave the kitchen after the gas is lit to do other things.

3 , the correct use of coal stoves. When cooking in coal stoves, cooking, and heating, the exhaust gas generated must be exported outside through pipes.

4 , to maintain indoor air circulation. When the carbon dioxide generated by combustion of gas, although there is no kind of toxic carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide content in the air, but up to 1%, it is harmful to human; 4--5% of the time, people headache, dizziness, shortness of breath; up to 10 %, the person can make a person do not save, respiratory arrest and even death. One person needs to suck 10m3 every day Fresh air, large quantities of oxygen in the inhaled breathing process, a large amount of carbon dioxide exhaled. Therefore, throughout the year should maintain good indoor ventilation.

(b) Measures to be taken when discovering a gas leak

1. First, we must strengthen our self-protection. We must use a wet towel to cover our nose and mouth before we can enter the kitchen full of gas.

2. Immediately close the main valve to prevent a large amount of gas from spreading to cause a fire. Note: Fill the liquefied gas tank and turn the main valve clockwise.

3 , to quickly open the doors and windows, so that the room can be ventilated.

4. If someone feels unwell, it may be gas poisoning. He should leave the room immediately and go to a ventilated place to breathe fresh air.

5 , poisoning should be arranged to a safe place lying down, but also pay attention to keep warm, immediately call 120 for help or ask the staff to help.

6, respiratory and cardiac arrest, the kick distress call, it should be immediately closed chest cardiac massage and artificial respiration.

(3) Matters needing attention when discovering gas leakage:

If you encounter a gas leak, you must not panic. Note:

1 , do not use any electrical appliances.

2 , can not call in the room full of gas.

3. Never shut down an operating appliance.

4 , to use gas Note first open the window or open the hood to allow indoor ventilation.

5 , when using gas to boil water or cook rice, do not leave easily, so as not to overflow the water to extinguish the fire, must remember to close the gas valve after use. As long as you smell a thick rotten egg flavor, whether it is not leaking liquefied gas, should take the above precautions.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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