How to do the renovation of the old house? With the development of society and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more owners have begun to intentionally renovate their old homes. However, the renovation of old homes is slightly different from the renovation of new homes. How can the renovation of old homes be done? The following Xiao Bian gave you a brief introduction.

the first. The first is the basic engineering part: approaching the wall, wall type. Then, the toilets and kitchen floors were closed for 24 hours, and then the hydropower reforms were made: laying the trunking and laying the line pipe. (If you have anti-termite project at this point you need to spray the first time medicine). Then concealed project acceptance, embedding trunking. Closed water experiment without leakage began to do waterproofing. The woodwork then enters the field, hanging ceilings and plaster casts (termite works require a second termite treatment of the material). Then pack door cover, window cover. Make wooden cabinet frame. Simultaneous production of various wooden doors, model doors and flat pressure. After the wooden panel brush dustproof paint (clean oil), the first step was basically completed.

Second, after the first step, the wall surface treatment, sanding, and leveling are performed. Then, a sticker (protection edge) is applied at the door seam. Then start the wall paint project. Then the furniture paint came in, nailed and painted. Then handle the corners, laying floor tiles, solid wood or composite wood floors, waterproof marble strips, baseboards. Then fixtures, fixtures, handles, door lock installation and commissioning. After cleaning up the floor, the floor tiles will be sewn and removed (the third pass will prevent termites). Finally, the interior decoration company initially accepted. The renovation of the old house has basically been completed.

Third, note: here to remind the majority of people under the renovation of the old room, the old house must be eradicated old wall decoration. The reason is that if your home is a house in the 90's, this will have a weathering phenomenon. If you do not use a spatula, you will have to paint it directly. When you use it, it will stratify with the later putty, causing the wall to fall off. Affect the quality of use.

How to do the renovation of old houses? I believe that after the introduction of Xiao Bian, everyone has already got a certain understanding of this, and I hope that this article will help everyone in the renovation process of old houses.

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