As an ordinary consumer, entering the furniture market, you can distinguish which are pure solid wood, which are imitation wood, which are panel furniture? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Next, the Xiaobian of Nanyang Hu's furniture talks about how to distinguish between solid wood furniture and panel furniture.

First, the basic introduction of solid wood furniture and panel furniture

Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of natural wood, and the surface of such furniture can generally see the beautiful patterns of wood. Furniture manufacturers generally pay attention to the varnish or matt lacquer for solid wood furniture to express the natural color of the wood.
Panel furniture refers to furniture made from medium-density fiberboard or particleboard for surface veneering. A large part of this type of furniture is wood grain simulation furniture. The veneer of some panel furniture sold on the market is more and more realistic, the gloss and feel are good, and the products with fine craftsmanship are also very expensive.
Second, what are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture and panel furniture?
In general, solid wood furniture is increasingly favored because it caters to people's return to nature. The defect of solid wood furniture is that it is easily deformed due to the change of water content, and it needs careful care. If it can't be exposed to sunlight, it can't be too cold or hot. The environment that is too dry and humid is not suitable for solid wood furniture. Once the manufacturer is not strict, it is easy for the inferior products to enter the consumer's home.
The popularity of panel furniture is mainly due to its variety of veneers, which give people a variety of colors and textures. Panel furniture also has the characteristics of being not easily deformed. It is also loved by many people because of its universal ability to assemble and disassemble. The disadvantage of panel furniture is that some manufacturers produce materials such as particleboard, and the veneers are not all-inclusive, and it is easy to release formaldehyde harmful to the human body.
The quality of the process, the price of solid wood directly affects the price of solid wood furniture. Therefore, to choose solid wood furniture, we must first look at the material. For example, mahogany, the price of different tree species is different. For example, rosewood is relatively better than rosewood. Red eucalyptus, the price of imported red eucalyptus is much higher than domestic red eucalyptus. There are also white oak, maple, teak, ash, eucalyptus, eucalyptus and miscellaneous wood. The higher the grade of solid wood used and the better the process, the higher the price of furniture. Generally speaking, in terms of price, the price of the same kind of wood, all solid wood furniture is much higher than the price of furniture combined with imitation wood and wood-based panels. However, the price of some plate furniture with excellent workmanship and novel style may far exceed the price of solid wood furniture with rough workmanship.
3. How to identify whether a door panel or partition is made of solid wood?
See the mystery of solid wood: wood grain and knots. This is the method disclosed by the industry to identify whether it is a piece of solid wood. For example, if a cabinet door looks like a pattern, then the corresponding pattern of the pattern changes, and the corresponding pattern is seen on the back of the cabinet door. If the correspondence is good, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door. Also look at the knot is a good way to identify pure wood: optimistic about the location of the scar side, and then find the corresponding pattern on the other side.
The fascinating trick: How do you see that the panel furniture is medium density or particleboard? Nanyang Hu's furniture believes that one of the best methods is to carefully observe the hinge groove and the eye-catching area, and expose the internal structure, so it can be seen whether the particle board or the medium density board is used.

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