At the just-concluded 2014 CES exhibition, smart home products based on home Internet technology shined. However, according to, researchers from Proofpiont, a network security agency, recently said that for the first time, a black hand has been found on the home Internet, a large-scale cyber attack against home appliances, called a "botnet." Hackers invade the home Internet and infect hosts with bot programs. They control various smart devices in consumers' homes, including televisions, refrigerators, thermostats, smart water meters, and smart door locks. Research data shows that network hackers easily invade more than 10 consumer devices every day.

How can we ensure the security of smart home products using the Internet and allow consumers to bring home smart home appliances smoothly?

Network security requires vendors to provide technical support

Smart homes rely mainly on home Internet technology. Unlike traditional home appliances, smart home appliances are not single-product refrigerators and televisions, but also include home Internet and other related devices.

At present, newly emerging smart home manufacturers focus on smart home appliance technology, but ignore the necessary security protection for their network control media - home Internet, so that smart home appliances are basically in a "streaking" state of network security. Therefore, when manufacturing and manufacturing smart home appliances, manufacturers should also fully consider the security performance of the network and provide the necessary technical support for the network security of smart products.

Users should read the manual carefully before use

Many consumers do not have the habit of reading the product instruction manual. After purchasing a new home appliance product, they often start to use the home appliance product according to a simple introduction by the shopping guide.

It is understood that the reason why hackers can easily invade a large number of smart home products every day is due to the fact that users of most smart home appliances are not familiar with and professional in their use methods, and they have not set the correct security password for the products. Under the protection of the lost security code, cyber attacks will be more rewarding.

At present, although China's smart home has not yet been popularized, the emergence of botnets is undoubtedly a test of security for smart homes. How to allow consumers to use comfortable, safe smart home products, smart home manufacturers need to provide technical protection.

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