On the afternoon of October 8, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology held a press conference for "Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in the Yangtze River Delta" in Zhejiang. At the press conference, the Hangzhou IOT Intelligence Technology Center under the Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang, released the world’s first passive UHF smart RFID chip with ambient temperature sensing.

Prof. Liang Jinhe of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology introduced that the passive UHF RFID chip integrates a temperature sensor, enabling the chip to sense the ambient temperature autonomously in addition to the UHF RFID communication and data entry capabilities. Professor Liang said: “Incorporating a temperature sensor in a passive UHF RFID chip is the world’s first. In addition, the temperature tag is a green product that does not use a battery.”

It is reported that the chip can work in the cold chain environment of minus 40-60 degrees Celsius. “It can be affixed to products such as milk and meat products. The temperature profile of each individual product is clear at a glance,” Professor Liang said.

It is understood that this technology has attracted the investment of local company Hangzhou Heze Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Both parties will cooperate on the "continuous temperature monitoring smart chip" to help the chip to be the first in the medical industry to be used for the rapid treatment of patients. Measuring body temperature.

In addition, after conquering the R&D of passive UHF RFID chip embedded temperature sensors, Hangzhou IoT Smart Technology Center set the next goal in the project of “embedding gas sensors in passive UHF RFID chips”.

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