We can find that there are more and more advertisements for US grouts nowadays, and people gradually understand it and know that it exists. But what role does it have in the end, and what effect does it have afterwards, what convenience can it bring to our lives? Perhaps many people are not clear. US grout has a beautiful, dirt-resistant, anti-black, anti-fouling and other characteristics of consumers. Which brand of tile US grout is better, is it good to use ceramic grout? Today small will come and explain to you about the tile joints agent beauty with good knowledge, work together to understand the next bar!

Good use of ceramic grouts 1

From the word's meaning we can easily understand that it plays a role of beautification. After a little time spent on the floor tiles of our house, the crevices will become dirty and black, so it is very difficult to clean them. After we use the US Grout, these gaps, which are easy to filth and provide hiding places for various bacteria, will be completely filled. The superior adhesive properties of the US Grout will not only ensure that the tiles are clean and beautiful, but also Can make the effect more durable and never fall off.

Good use of ceramic grout for tile 2

After using it, our home tiles look much more beautiful and can give us a feeling of pleasure and comfort. From the point of view of action, compared to grouts and grouts, the major feature of US grouts is the richness of color. No matter what the color is, it will be bright and natural. After solidification, it will form a smooth protective film such as porcelain, not only has a very high brightness. There is also a degree of rigidity comparable to that of a tile, which can be used to glue tiles and tiles together into a single piece that looks beautiful and impressive.

Good use of ceramic grout for tile 3

It is based on natural resins and some high-grade pigments and specialty auxiliaries. These three types are combined. Because the materials and additives are more environmentally friendly and healthier, the beauty sizing agent also has green and green characteristics. Does not contain any toxic substances that harm the human body, is a truly environmentally friendly material, so that your new home is not toxic, only full of comfort.

Which brand of ceramic tile grout is better

For example, we know that Henkel and Seimimei are all good brands. Henkel is a German brand and is one of the top 500 companies, and its quality is guaranteed. The words of Zhaimeijia are our domestically-made US sizing agents, which are also professional brands and are leaders in this industry. At the same time, there are also many other brands such as Datura Meridian and Sewing Imperial Sewing Agent.

Xiao Bian's words: The number of US grout brands on the market is numerous, the quality is uneven, and the price gap is also large. There are also many counterfeit and inferior products. Therefore, when we choose, we must not only choose good quality, we can choose some big brands as much as possible, and go to regular shops to buy. For those unprofessional shops, it is better not to choose. These are the small series and you on the tiles with a good knowledge of the US joint agent, hoping to give you some reference! More related content, you can pay attention to Qijia information, follow-up will present more exciting content!

Good use of ceramic grout

Flexibility is good  , except of a geotextile's isolation , drainage , reinforcement , protective functiona , it is also impermeable . 

1)  One layer geotextile and one layer membrane ; Weight of base geotextile : 100g/m2-1000gm2 ; Thickness of geomembrane : 0.1mm-1.5mm .

 2)  Two layers geotextile and one layer membrane ; Weight of base geotextile : 80g/m2-600gm2 ; Thickness of geomembrane : 0.2mm-1.5mm .

 3)  One layer geotextile and two layers membrane ; Weight of base geotextile : 100g/m2-1000gm2 ; Thickness of geomembrane : 0.1mm-0.8mm .

 4)  Multi-layers :  Weight of base geotextile : 100g/m2-1000gm2 ; Thickness of geomembrane : 0.1mm-1.5mm .

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