Festool FESTO Regulators preventive maintenance and repairs:

Festool FESTO control valve repair generally has two kinds: First, preventive maintenance, mainly to ensure the reliable operation of the regulating valve, and preventive maintenance measures taken in the absence of failure, including the installation and use of the valve in the field A series of preventive measures taken; the second is faulty maintenance, that is, a series of maintenance work performed when the regulating valve fails to meet operating requirements in the event of a fault, and is generally completed in the production workshop, and may also be in the pipeline under special circumstances. On the direct maintenance. Preventive maintenance is planned maintenance prior to failure of the regulating valve. It can be understood as routine maintenance and usually includes the following tasks.

1.1 regularly check the air supply and gas supply <br> <br> energy source is one of the key driving control valve. Although the air chamber of the pneumatic control valve does not consume air, if the air source system contains impurities such as moisture, oil, etc., the accessories such as the valve positioner and the relay may become clogged and fail. Therefore, the gas source and power supply must be checked regularly to ensure that the gas source is clean and dry and the power supply is reliable.

1.2 regular maintenance and refueling <br> <br> filler and oiler need to readjust after short-term use. For dusty occasions, use plastic sleeves or rubber sleeves around the valve stem to protect the stuffing box and guides. Special protective measures should be used in the presence of corrosive gas or liquid droplets. Generally, the anti-corrosion bag is used to wrap the regulating valve. Note that it cannot affect its operation. In the case where fire resistance is required, special fireproof coatings, fireproof bags, etc. may be used. The material of the fireproof bag contains multilayer ceramic fibers or glass fibers.

1.3 Festo stress relief regulator valve <br> <br> line stress due to improper installation or a combination of various types of stress is generated, for example, thermal stress generated in the high temperature medium, when mounting the fastening force caused by uneven, some artificial collision Stress on the regulating valve and its piping. These stresses act on the regulating valve and its pipeline, and it is easy to affect the performance of the regulating valve. When it is serious, it will affect the regulating system itself, causing the valve stem and the guide element to deform and cannot align with the valve seat center; for the split valve The body's regulating valve may cause the valve body flange to disengage; stress may also cause the valve seat to leak. Therefore, at all times, it must be ensured that stress is avoided or eliminated and the stress is directed away from the regulating valve.

1.4 Check Festo regulating valve support case <br> <br> optimum mounting position of the control valve is Festo valve stem of the actuator stroke direction of the upper valve body in a vertical plane. If the regulating valve must be installed in a position where the valve stem moves horizontally, or if the moving direction of the valve stem has a certain inclination with the horizontal plane, the actuator should be supported so that all parts of the regulating valve are in a natural state. If no additional support is provided or the support is incorrectly installed, misalignment between the valve stem and the valve seat may be caused, which can easily lead to differential or leakage of the filler. Even if the regulating valve has fixing and supporting measures, it must be checked regularly, usually 2 to 3 months.

1.5 Clear <br> <br> or prevent foreign matter into the control valve is connected to always check the presence or absence of rust pipe, welding slag, dirt, etc., should be promptly removed after the discovery. If foreign matter is likely to accumulate in the regulating valve and pipe, consider installing a simple filter device on the upstream side of the regulating valve. Whenever it is easy to infiltrate hard materials in the process media, a permanent filter must be installed. Because the regulating valve is closed, a small piece of rust or welding slag is enough to damage the well-sealed valve seat sealing surface, and these contaminants will also cause wear on the regulator valve spool and valve seat, which will affect its normal operation.

After 1.6 Transportation and storage <br> <br> Festo regulating valve assembly and actuator as required paint, hand wheel, positioning devices and other accessories fitted on, in order to prevent foreign matter from entering the control valve, connected to all of the air control valve The interface must be plugged, and the connecting flange should be equipped with a protective cover. Attention should be paid to the status of each connection position, such as the valve positioner inlet pipe and the actuator interface. Any protruding attachments that are easily damaged, such as pressure gauges for lubricators and potentiometers, should be removed from the fittings, packaged separately from the regulating valve and transported together. The control valve is fixed with special brackets to prevent loosening and to ensure the overall vertical or horizontal position. If transported long distances, it is best to use a solid wooden box shipment.

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