We all have to do interior design before we decorate the house. We should not be unfamiliar with the interior design. We should consider the feng shui problem when designing the interior, but when it comes to feng shui, everyone will think that this is superstition. And some people will think that this is a certain basis. Today, let's take a look at the main points of Feng Shui and interior design and the knowledge of Feng Shui in new home decoration.


Feng Shui and interior design points

First, the orientation of the azimuth is related to the magnetic field of the earth. We know that the earth is not purely round, but with a little rounded shape, and the magnetic field has an effect on the blood flow of the human body. This will have an impact on the health of the human body.

Second, the orientation of the orientation is also related to the angle of the sun and the light of the earth. Under certain circumstances, it will also affect the indoor lighting, which will affect people's psychology. In fact, some very popular feng shui teaching methods have certain correctness, mainly those with high and medium cultures, and it is not difficult to analyze the causes from a scientific perspective. For example, the placement of the bed:

1, the bed should not be placed in the west. This is very obvious, because the earth is turning eastward, which affects the blood flow in the brain and thus affects sleep health.

2. It is not suitable for the beam to be pressed. This is a psychological problem. Chinese painting has a thick and thick saying. There is a beam on the top of the head, which obviously has a feeling of depression.

3, should not be too close to the window. In fact, there are two problems near the window. One is that the sound insulation of the window is lower than that of the brick wall. Sleeping at night, people will hear more noise than from the window. The other window is the source of light, which affects people's sleep.

4. It is not appropriate to face the mirror. This is actually a very obvious psychological problem. In the evening of the bedroom, there is always a feeling of sinisterness in the mirror. It is more obvious when the bedroom is equipped with a desk lamp instead of a fluorescent lamp.

5, should not face the door.


New house decoration Feng Shui knowledge

1. Do not arbitrarily pierce the wall of the load-bearing wall, remove the wall connecting the balcony and the door and window, and expand the size of the original door and window or build another door and window. This will cause partial cracks in the building and seriously affect the seismic capacity, thus shortening the service life of the building.

2. Do not install marble on the floor of the building. Marble is ten times more expensive than floor tiles and wood floors. If the floor is covered with marble, it can make the floor overwhelmed. Especially for the second floor or above, the weight of the floor decoration materials shall not exceed 40 kg/m2 because the house decoration is not certified by the house safety appraisal station.

The above content is the introduction of Feng Shui and interior design points and the knowledge of new house decoration Feng Shui brought to you by this Xiaobian for your reference. I believe that after reading this article, you will have a certain understanding of Feng Shui and interior design, and hope to provide some suggestions to friends who are working on the renovation of new homes. For more exciting home improvement content, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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