The fire escape mask requires the ambient temperature to be between zero degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. It is equipped in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, theaters, restaurants, apartment buildings, residential buildings, etc., and the surface is coated with aluminum foil film. Burning cotton cloth, escape equipment in case of fire.

The escape mask is a kind of fire escape device suitable for individuals. When it encounters a fire, it can be placed on the head to ensure that the human body can breathe normally without being attacked by toxic fumes. The hood is made of flame-retardant and heat-insulating material, the eye window has a curved structure and the field of view is wider, the surface of the nose-nosed mask is closely matched with the face, and the air leakage coefficient is small. The escape mask is composed of a main mask and a neck, and a special reflective material is used on the hood to enhance the recognition ability of the fire field. The canister effectively protects against toxic gases and fumes from the burning of various materials.

The hood is made of a heat-resistant cotton cloth coated with an aluminum foil film to resist heat radiation and prevent high-temperature radiation from damaging the human head. There are transparent large eye windows on the hood, and the escaper can clearly see the situation of the fire, find the exit at the fastest, and then escape. The aluminum foil film coated on the surface of the hood can be reflective, and firefighters can more easily see the escapers and rescue them. The half mask is made of soft rubber and can be used for a variety of face types. It is also tightly sealed to prevent poisonous fumes from entering the escaped breath.

When using the escape mask, first open the cover and take out the vacuum bag. The second is to tear open the vacuum bag, unplug the two cans inside and outside, then put on the hood, tighten the headband, choose the path, and decisively escape. Generally this mask can only be used once and only for personal use. After the poison gas passes through the canister, the inhalation temperature will rise. This is a normal phenomenon, and the respirator must not be removed at this time.

The escape mask preserves the environment, and the ambient temperature should be 0 °C - 40 °C. The ventilation should be good, no rain and moisture erosion.

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