Most of the low-molecular-weight polyamide resins used for bonding are room temperature-curing epoxy-based adhesives commonly used at home and abroad. The adhesive compounded with the room-temperature curing type epoxy resin curing agent has the advantages of simple bonding process, no need of pressure, and curing at room temperature. However, its curing temperature can not be used at low temperatures, and the curing reaction rate is slow, and the heat resistance and temperature resistance are poor. It is not suitable for working in a humid environment, and it cannot be cured under water, thus limiting its application range. With the advancement of technology and the development of social productivity, the demand for epoxy resin adhesives is increasing, and the demand is getting higher and higher. For example, water conservancy projects, bonding agents require curing agents that can be cured underwater; there are curing agents that require temperature resistance in industries such as chemical anti-corrosion, electrical and electronic equipment, abrasives, etc.; and differences in environmental conditions in different regions need to be cured at low temperatures. Hardeners that cure in harsh environments; Fire-resistant hardeners are required for home-use adhesives. It is particularly important for these types of epoxy resin curing agents to have various special properties.

An object of the present invention is to provide an epoxy resin curing agent having the above-mentioned various special properties.

The object of the present invention is to realize the epoxy resin curing agent characterized by the following raw materials consisting of the following raw materials by weight, the formulation components being as follows: phenol 36.5-44, formaldehyde 20-26, ethylenediamine 8.5-11, p-tert-butyl Phenol 6-9, n-butanol glycidyl ether 12-6, polypropylene glycol glycidyl ether 17-4.

The invention has outstanding advantages and positive effects on the bonding process after being combined with the epoxy resin. 1. Low-temperature curing. When combined with epoxy resin, it can be put into the freezer for 48 hours to achieve the best results. 2. Underwater curing. Immediately after being compounded with the epoxy resin, it is put into water and solidified in 24 hours, and the best effect is achieved in 48 hours. 3. Fast cure. The initial setting time is 2 hours at room temperature. 4. Oil resistance. In an oily environment, no special pre-tack treatment is required. Simply wipe the surface of the bond with a cloth to bond. 5. Temperature resistance. After cooperating with epoxy resin, it will recover at room temperature after 180°C high temperature test, and its strength and various properties will not change. 6. Flame resistance. Repaired containers contain liquids that can be in direct contact with the flame. 7. Good toughness. It is not affected by the environment and maintains its unique toughness. In summary, the present invention has other common properties such as insulation, water resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical stability of other curing agents, and also compensates for the insufficiency of curing agents that can only be cured at room temperature. Has fast curing, curing in wet conditions. With the epoxy resin does not produce by-products, non-toxic. The performance is better than general amines and room temperature curing agents. It has good adhesion, flexibility, insulation, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance and chemical stability after curing with epoxy resin. No pressurization is required during the construction process. It is suitable for brushing, casting, electrical potting, FRP lamination, and preparation of epoxy resin two-component or multi-component adhesives and coatings. The invention is widely used in machinery, electrical appliances, petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, shipbuilding, construction and other industries. For the manufacture of glass fiber reinforced plastics, electrical potting, casting epoxy resin two-component or multi-component adhesive and coating construction process No pressure is needed to achieve the desired effect. In use, suitable ratios can be selected according to climate, temperature, environment and process requirements. The nutrient filler can be selected according to the color requirements of the process.

Embodiments The present invention is manufactured by reacting a mounted glass-lined reactor, a metering tank, a condenser, and a vacuum pump. Phenol 44 was added to the reaction vessel at room temperature to start stirring; formaldehyde 23 was added at room temperature for 10 minutes. Ethylenediamine 10 is slowly added at a temperature of 50°C. When ethylenediamine is added, the reaction is exothermic. The temperature cannot exceed 85°C. After the addition of ethylenediamine, the reaction is carried out for 30 minutes, and the reaction is heated to 95-105°C for 5 hours. Dehydration at a temperature of 85-125°C. Add p-tert-butylphenol 8 at 85-125°C, keep it warm for 3 hours, add n-butanol glycidyl ether 10, polypropylene glycol glycidyl ether 15 at 75-90°C, keep for 1 hour, and cool to 60°C. °C discharge. The appearance of the product is a yellow or red-brown transparent viscous body, with a glue value of 200±20 mg KOH/g and a viscosity of 2000-10000 cps. Gel values ​​and viscosities can also be adjusted as needed. The present invention can select suitable formulation components according to climate, temperature, environment and process requirements. The nutrient filler can be selected according to the color requirements of the process. Product drum packaging. Storage, storage in a cool dry place, sealed and stored.

This category is formate, which includes Calcium Formate, Sodium Formate, Potassium Formate.

1. It is extensively used in oil field industry as drilling fluid with excellent performance;

2. As the camouflage acid in the leather industry;
3. As reducing agent in print and dyeing industry;
4. As road snow-dissolved agent, early strength agent of cement paste, and in carbon black manufacture, leaf fertilizer and other industries.

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