With the constant construction of modern cities, elevators are used more and more frequently. However, elevator accidents have occurred one after another. As a result, we can not help asking questions about the safety of elevators. Why is it so fragile? In the face of frequent elevator accidents, prevention should be based. For the reduction of this accident, the elevator installation company prompts you: how to prevent the accident, take a look.

Elevator safety instructions

For the safety of you and others, please pay attention to the following tips:

1. When you are waiting for a ladder, please gently touch the “up” or “down” arrow button according to “up” or “down”. When the elevator reaches the door, it will go forward and enter, and be civilized and courteous.

Second, before the elevator door is opened to enter the car, it must be noted whether the car is stopped at this floor to prevent the car from being on this floor, causing serious accidents.

Third, after entering the car, according to the floor you need to reach, please touch the corresponding number button in the car, it is forbidden to press the button with sharp objects; if you require to close the door in advance, you can press the door close button, if there is a passenger request to enter during the door closing process You can press the door open button to reopen the car door, please do not use the body or objects to prevent the elevator door from closing, and do not stand on the ladder door to block the elevator door. It is forbidden to forcefully open the elevator door by hand.

Fourth, access to the elevator moves quickly, when the elevator door is open, it is forbidden to step inside and outside the elevator door to prevent accidents. When taking the elevator, do not rely on the elevator door, play, play, jump, push.

5. When you are trapped in an elevator, do not be alarmed and remain calm. Press the button in the elevator to inform the monitoring staff or dial the property phone, and wait patiently for the rescue staff. Do not try to use the door or door. The way to open the car door forced the elevator car to avoid accidental injury.

6. When using an elevator as a cargo, no overload, impact, or smearing of the elevator is allowed; the load should be placed as flat as possible in the center of the car, to avoid tilting of the car during cargo operations.

VII. It is not allowed to ship flammable, explosive or other dangerous goods. In case of special circumstances must be shipped, need to apply in advance, after the approval of the security and technical departments and take safety protection measures, before delivery.

8. Do not throw away any debris or spilled liquids in front of the lift hall door, at the door of the elevator, or in the car, and do not put sharp and other hard objects such as umbrella tips into the gap around the elevator, otherwise it will directly increase the frequency of serious faults in the elevator. , threatening your safety by taking the elevator.

9. When carrying pets to take the elevator, the pets should be isolated to prevent frightening and harming others. Dogs are not allowed to take the elevator.

Tenth, the elderly, children, people with reduced mobility, etc. should have other people to accompany the elevator.

11. Do not use elevators in case of fire, earthquake or other disasters.

12. Smoking is forbidden in the elevator car; it is forbidden to use the elevator in an unsafe state.

How to prevent elevator accidents

1. When boarding a ladder, please check whether the safety inspection mark issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) is attached to the elevator and is within the validity period. Elevators that exceed the inspection date cannot be used.

2. When the elevator sends an overload signal, it is not allowed to enter the elevator car in a crowded manner. It should be patient and wait for the next trip. Overloading can cause elevator failure.

3. When the elevator door is about to close, don't force it in. Don't try to stop the car door from being closed with your hands, feet or crutches, sticks, etc. In and out of the elevator must be careful and fast, pay attention to the situation under the feet, do not stay on one foot and the other foot outside.

4, when the elevator is running, try to stand at the door. Children of young age should take the elevator and should be supervised by adults.

5. In the elevator car, it is forbidden to: 1 play and play; 2 forcefully open the elevator door; 3 use a hard object to knock and press the operation panel.

6. When the elevator is running normally, the door should be completely closed, running smoothly, no abnormal noise, and the floor of the car should be level with the floor after arrival. If there is an abnormality, the elevator maintenance unit should be notified in time for maintenance.

7. After the elevator stops opening the door, when the floor of the car is higher than the floor of the floor, it is forbidden to jump from the elevator.

8, pets are best to hold in your hand, do pay attention to use the chain to catch the pet when the neck closes easily accidents.

9. When the elevator operation fails, passengers should not be impatient or panic. Use the bell button, intercom device, and communication telephone in the elevator to call for help, or call the fault repair phone and call 110 to call for help. The lift is open to the outside world. Do not cause hypoxia. Please wait patiently for assistance. The professional rescue team will come to rescue you in the shortest possible time. Do not attempt to leave the elevator through other dangerous ways to avoid unnecessary harm.

Summary: The relevant information on how to prevent elevator accidents is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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