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The current market development trend of China's hardware locks industry is relatively stable, but compared with the foreign hardware lock industry, there is still a certain gap. How to protect people's personal belongings, and who is helping us to protect those important things in life? Of course, hardware locks. It plays a major role in protecting people's lives, protecting property, privacy and security.

Nowadays, technology is developing so fast that if only traditional mechanical locks can no longer guarantee the safety of people's property. The demand and requirements for new types of locks are getting higher and higher, but the market demand for hardware locks is becoming more and more diversified, and at the same time, higher requirements are required in terms of quality and technical content.

As far as the market distribution currently used is concerned, the hardware locks are mainly distributed in the coastal developed cities, and in terms of product types, they are more detailed, such as padlocks, ball locks, etc., occupying a large market space, and bicycle locks, etc. Special-purpose locks are undergoing varying degrees of change with the development of upstream products. Like some high-tech smart locks or fingerprint locks, it is a necessity for social life.

After more than 30 years of development, China's hardware locks have formed a relatively large-scale industry, and product coverage has also been broadened. Enterprises have launched their own brands and are becoming stronger and stronger, which has improved their comprehensive competitiveness. At present, the annual sales of China's lock industry exceeds more than 40 billion, while the output exceeds 100 million. It also shows a rising trend.

Although China's hardware locks have been constantly developing and have achieved good results, if compared with some developed countries, they are still in a low-end state.

If you want to keep pace with the locks of developed countries, you must improve your international competitiveness. Generally, we must proceed from these aspects: seize the opportunity, use the market as a guide, optimize the product structure, preempt the high-end lock market, and regard the door lock and commercial lock as the development focus, and be in line with international standards.

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