In recent days, the “toxic floor” incident has made a lot of noises. In the media exposure, many well-known domestic housing companies have been involved. Due to the increasing popularity of fine-tuned houses nowadays, developers provide "turnkey projects" for home purchases. Although convenient and worry-free, once they find that there may be unqualified floorboards with excessively high levels of formaldehyde, it seems that a "timed" plant has been planted. "Bombs" are unavoidable.

In the current floor production, according to the mandatory national standard GB18580-2001 "the formaldehyde release limit of interior decoration materials in artificial boards and their products", the formaldehyde emission is 1.5 mg/L. The harm of formaldehyde is well-known, but rationally, the indoor air pollution is not limited to the floor, including furniture, paint, wallpaper, mattresses, etc. all exist to varying degrees, it is a comprehensive effect, and talk about exceeding the standard change, but also It is better to recognize some effective countermeasures.

Civil circulation methods

Formaldehyde is colorless and has a special irritating odor. Many people often use tea slag, grapefruit peel, onion slices, pineapple blocks, etc. in a newly decorated room, or use air fresheners and white vinegar to fumigate the entire odor. room.

Reporter commented: According to Lin Guangchao, a professional air quality inspector, such practices as putting aromatics, pineapple, and lemon actually act as masks for odors, and they cannot really absorb or decompose formaldehyde, and the damage to human health still exists. Some aromatics may even cause secondary pollution. For example, air fresheners mostly contain phenol, which is harmful to the human body.

Plant detoxification

After investigation and research, plants have a strong ability to absorb toxic gases. For example, Chlorophytum, Aloe vera, and Sansevieria can well absorb formaldehyde in the air; while ivy, cycad, and tequila are “professionals” for capturing benzene series. .

Reporter Comments: Many plants do have the effect of purifying the air, but they cannot be completely removed and are suitable as an aid. When the air is lightly polluted, the effect is good. Once the air pollution is serious, the plants will “never be able to protect themselves”; and most of the flowers are oxygen at night. If too many flowers are placed, the oxygen consumption is too high, and it is easy to “defend” with others.

Activated carbon adsorption

This is currently the most widely used method to remove indoor pollution and absorb most of the substances. Common activated carbon materials are shell carbon, coal charcoal, and wood charcoal. The best effect is the Southeast Asian coconut shell, but the cost is higher. It is understood that the use of activated carbon cycle of 3 to 6 months, every half-moon out of exposure in the hot sun before they can resume activity, repeated use.

Reporter's comment: Everyone knows that activated carbon can remove formaldehyde, but most people have the same experience: It seems to have little effect or little effect. In fact, the reason for this is usually the lack of activated carbon. According to reports, the use of half a catty of activated carbon per square meter is reasonable, and evenly placed around the corner.

Photocatalyst decomposition

Photocatalysts are generally used by specialized service companies. Under the action of the photocatalyst, it can degrade formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other pollutants into carbon dioxide and water. Compared with activated carbon, it does not have the problem of purification saturation, as long as the coating is not damaged, it can still play a role.

Reporter Comments: Photocatalyst is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as walls, ceilings, etc., with special auxiliary UV light irradiation, it is effective for heavy pollution, but the price is relatively high. As a new type of material, photocatalyst will not cause secondary pollution in theory, but due to the different processes of photocatalysts produced by various manufacturers, it cannot be said that photocatalyst will not cause secondary pollution.

Purifier treatment

At present, there are many air purifier products on the market. Different air purifiers have different working principles. The most common type is electrostatic dust collection. The use of fibrous activated carbon filters and electrostatic dust filters cleans the air. The negative ion type is to eliminate the pollution by generating negative ions, decomposing the odor in the air and attached dust.

Reporter commented: The air purifier has some effects in absorbing formaldehyde, but generally it is only required to be used in a closed space. How effective is the final result, it is best to look at the product test report.

Decoration anti-virus four Raiders

Furniture, floor:

Adhesive releases formaldehyde

As far as possible, interior decoration and decoration materials with good quality, low formaldehyde content or formaldehyde-free are used; paints and paints are applied on the surface and sides of the artificial boards, and they are fully cured to form a stable layer that suppresses formaldehyde emission; when purchasing furniture, Should choose a product with a small pungent odor, and at the same time check whether all types of panels for furniture are fully sealed.


Buy pay attention to see VOC content

Volatile compounds (referred to as VOCs) mainly come from paints and coatings. Under normal circumstances, 90% of the volatile oil can be evaporated within 10 hours after the paint is applied, and the VOC in the solvent only releases 25% of the total during the paint drying. It is recommended that when purchasing paints and coatings, be sure to carefully check the level of content in the label, and use the lower value as the best choice.


Pay attention to whether there is odor

Select the bed should pay attention to smell the mattress whether there is odor, especially pay attention to open the plastic packaging of the mattress, or open the test port on the side of the mattress, whether there is odor. When you purchase mattresses, you must sign an environmental protection contract, and note that you must meet the national environmental protection and hygiene standards, and because the odor and comfort of the mattress need to be tested at home, the right to replace and return is reserved in the contract.


Process is not refined residual toxic substances

After the wallpaper is finished, doors and windows must be opened to allow the air to circulate in order to spread the smell of paper and glue.

In addition to formaldehyde new home environmental protection formaldehyde paint purifier indoor decoration furniture

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