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1. In 2000, Sophia of France entered China with wall cabinets and mobile doors, creating a precedent for the custom furniture industry in the Chinese market.

2. In 2001, the sliding door brands represented by Canada's Komando, Stanley and German Fulu appeared in China, which opened the curtain for the development of customized mobile doors in China.

3. In 2002, with the continuous promotion and popularization of mobile doors, the concept of consumption in the wardrobe and cloakroom in the country was promoted.

4. In 2003, with the gradual addition of brands such as KD, Dinggu and JSL Genji, at the same time, local brands in various cities also began to get involved in the field of sliding door and wardrobe industry. After nearly two years of industry, Inspect and become one of them.

5. In 2004, after a few years of precipitation, plus the strong addition of Marg, Weiyi, Federal Gordon, Hao Laike, Shangpin Home, and Yiwujia, the industry has become increasingly mature.

6. In 2005, the industry began to show signs of polarization. One of the main products was Sophia, Okade, Clothing House, Weiyi, Federal Gordon, Hao Laike, JSL Yuanshi Home, etc. The cabinet is mainly. One is the sliding door represented by Stanley, Dinggu and KD. The main products are mainly sliding doors. There is also a pure solid wood party represented by the phoenix road. It advocates the decoration of the furniture first, and the furniture is made of pure solid wood enamel structure.

7. In 2006, with the continuous maturity of the industry and brands, major brands began to embark on the road of brand expansion and development. The industry product system and management have become more and more perfect, the competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce, and brand awareness has begun to stand out.

8. In 2007, the huge market prospects of China's custom furniture have been fully revealed. Consumers' acceptance of the custom furniture industry is getting higher and higher. The leading products of the industry are beginning to appear, and the brand gap is gradually widening.

9, in 2008, because the industry's title is very irregular, there are called the overall wardrobe, wall-mounted wardrobes, custom wardrobes, walk-in cloakrooms, closets, etc., originated in the western industry brand Marg, carried out brand upgrades, In the same year, the concept of “customized furniture” was put forward, and the term “customized furniture” gradually entered the public's field of vision. It was also highly regarded by the industry in the same way as the custom wardrobe. In the same year, Shangpin's home decoration also proposed a new concept of “full house furniture digital customization”. And completed the differential research and development of the whole house product, and at the same time developed the information integration management system through the deep cooperation with the Yuanfang software team, taking the lead in breaking through the bottleneck of sales, design and production management of the domestic custom furniture industry, realizing the whole house. Private full customization has laid a solid foundation for the development of the industry.

10. In 2009, China's largest decorative building materials expo (referred to as: Guangzhou Jianbo Fair) officially set up the overall home pavilion [1], the main exhibitors are custom furniture industry brands, because the previous custom furniture brands can only be used as cabinet industry The vassal participation, and this time as a special museum, it has an epoch-making significance in the custom furniture industry.

11. In 2010, the preparatory meeting for the establishment of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce Chambers (referred to as: the wardrobe special committee) was held in Beijing Zhonglv Building. Executive Secretary and Secretary General of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce Zhang Chuanxi, Deputy Secretary-General Ge Yansong, Zhang Renjiang, Secretary General of the Wardrobe Committee Li Guohua, and more than 30 nationally renowned Sophia, Haolaike, Europa, Marg, etc. A wardrobe business representative attended the meeting. At this time, the custom furniture industry was officially called the wardrobe industry, but because of the general perception of the public and the high degree of generalization of the term custom furniture, it is still used as the main title of the industry.

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