Generally, small-sized families choose an L-shaped computer desk when they choose a computer desk, which is a corner computer desk , because the corner computer desk is the most space-saving when it has the functions of other computer desks. Go recommends buying a corner computer desk. It is best to consider buying a computer desk that is not directed. This avoids the situation of being unable to be placed after arriving at home, and it can also be placed in a different way. Some corner computer desk legs have footings that can be fine-tuned according to the level of the ground.


Corner computer desk bookcase combination

The corner computer desk bookcase combination allows the computer desk to be perfectly combined with the bookcase, which not only adds a cultural atmosphere to the entire room, but also adds endless fun to your work. A combination of elegant and elegant corner computer desk bookcases not only has a large storage capacity, but also saves space.

Style one, Chinese style

The Chinese-style corner computer desk bookcase combination follows the characteristics of traditional Chinese furniture, using solid wood as a raw material. The combination of Chinese-style corner computer desk and bookcase has the characteristics of distinct layers, beautiful shape, natural color and rounded corners. At the same time, this combination makes the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, making the whole room full of warm, intimate and warm home life.

Style 2, American pastoral

American pastoral furniture is leisurely, comfortable and natural, and it is popular among people. The American corner bookcase and corner computer desk are combined to give a warm and soft visual effect. The design of several small bookcases and the decoration of glass doors and windows can clearly see the placement of books through the glass doors and windows, which is very useful for the convenient classification of books.


The main accessories for the installation of the corner computer table are three-in-one screws and plates. The three-in-one screw acts as a link between the link plate and the plate, and is divided into three parts: a plastic nut embedded part, a screw and an eccentric wheel.

1. First insert the eccentric wheel into the hole reserved in the plate;

2. Screw the screw onto the eccentric wheel and tighten it with a screwdriver;

3. Put the plastic nut embedded parts into the corresponding hole positions, then assemble and tighten them.

The overall installation principle of the corner computer table is from small to large, from bottom to top, first install small pieces such as slippery drawers, and then according to the principle of bottom-up, the heavy base starts to be installed upwards, and finally the desktop.

The above is the knowledge of the corner computer table compiled by Xiaobian for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our website.

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