Introduction: The maintenance of the cooling tower is a relatively tedious process. Even if many professional workers fail to remember all the processes accurately, it is necessary to carry out a more professional review of the maintenance process. Let's look at the following together. Look!

Cooling tower maintenance method

The maintenance of the cooling tower needs to go through tedious processes, cleaning and maintenance after shutdown, inspection and commissioning before starting the machine, and inspection inspection during the formal start-up operation.

After the cooling tower is shut down for cleaning and maintenance, it is necessary to observe many parts such as the bulk water system, cooling system, transmission system, tower exterior and cooling tower accessories.

Before the cooling tower is turned on for inspection and adjustment, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of the belt, remove the windshield, and adjust the top wire. Then carefully check the cooling tower drive system motor, reducer operation is normal. Check the cleaning tower water tray, filter dirt, water discharge check the water tray, the tower foot tightness, adjust the float position, so that the water level to meet the use of water requirements. Adjust the fan blade angle to measure the motor current to meet the best operating conditions.

The inspections and inspections during the operation of the cooling tower require regular inspections of the cooling tower under operation to solicit the opinions of users and understand the use of the cooling tower. Seriously test the cooling tower inlet and outlet temperature, motor operating current and other technical data. Check carefully the operating conditions of the drive such as the motor and reducer. Check the actual condition of the water distribution system.

It is a dark orangeish or reddish brown solid, slightly soluble in hot water yielding an orange or orange-yellow solution at pH < 2.0.[1][2] The solution becomes green at pH > 2.0.

Ferric citrates play important roles in the metabolism of iron by living organisms. Citrate anions are released by plant roots and some microorganisms in order to extract iron from insoluble compounds in the soil, such as ferric hydroxide, and form soluble ferric citrates that can be absorbed by the organism.

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