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Commonly used rolling bearing disassembly method

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Commonly used disassembling methods for rolling bearings are: tapping method, pull-out method, pushing method, and hot-breaking method.
First, the tapping force is usually added to the inner ring of the bearing; the striking force should not be added to the rolling body and the supporting frame of the bearing; this method is simple and easy; but the bearing is simply damaged; when the bearing is at the end of the shaft; Use a copper rod or other soft metal material that is smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing to abut the shaft end; the lower part of the bearing is padded; the hammer is slammed by hand; it can be removed. This method should be used to pay attention to the orientation of the spacer; It should be correct.
Second, the pull-out method selects the special puller; when disassembling; just rotate the handle; the bearing will be pulled out gradually. When the outer ring of the bearing is disassembled; the angle of the two legs of the puller should be opened outward, and the inner ring of the bearing is opened. When the puller two feet should be inward; stuck on the end face of the bearing inner ring.
Matters needing attention:
1. Hook the puller of the puller to the inner ring of the bearing; instead of hooking it on the outer ring; avoid excessive looseness or damage of the bearing.
2. When using the puller; align the screw to the middle hole of the shaft; do not tilt. Also pay attention to the force of the hook and the bearing; do not damage the hook and the bearing.
3, pay attention to avoid the hook slip,
4, the angle of the two feet of the puller is less than 90 °.
Third, the push method uses a press to push the bearing; the operation is stable and reliable; does not damage the machine and the bearing. The press has manual pushing; the mechanical or hydraulic press pushes.
Matters needing attention: the focus of the press should be in the middle of the shaft;
4. The hot-disassembling method is used to disassemble the tightly-cooperative bearing. Firstly, the oil heated to about 100 °C is poured into the bearing to be disassembled; after the bearing ring is heated, the bearing can be pulled out with a puller. .
Matters needing attention:
1. First and foremost; the puller should be mounted on the bearing to be removed; and a certain pulling force should be applied.
2. Before heating; the shaft should be wrapped with asbestos rope or thin iron plate; avoid the shaft from being heated and expanded; otherwise it will be difficult to disassemble; when the bearing is removed from the bearing housing hole; only the bearing housing hole can be heated; Can't heat the bearing,
3. When pouring oil; the oil pot should be smoothly poured on the bearing ring or the rolling body; and an oil basin should be placed under it; collect the hot oil flowing down; avoid the dregs and burns,
4, the operator should wear asbestos gloves; avoid burns.
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