• Model NO.: TE8048
  • Source: Liquid Mineral Lubricants
  • Shape: Liquid
  • Volume: 450ml
  • Trademark: TEKORO
  • Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Type: Greases
  • Composition: Anti-Wear
  • Application: Industrial Lubricant, Automotive Lubricant, Marine
  • Validity: Three Years
  • Specification: CE, RoHS, SGS, GMP
TEKORO Chain Lube Spray
(1)Materials selected from rust on the market today, the latest scientific research. Environmentally friendly products, the human body without allergies, no stimulation.
(2) non-toxic, non-corrosive. Product complies with EU RoHS environmental directive, through Phthalates, PAHS testing. 3 anti -static, low conductivity, can be used in electronic products. 4, good stability, wide operating temperature from -60 C ~ 260 C, the film is not more than 90% volatile matter, good adhesion, can achieve long-term anti-rust, lubricating, corrosion purposes. 5. Permeability, fresh rust molecules until the metal surface, play a softening and removal of metal surface rust effect. 6 rust, corrosion superior quality, lasting lubrication, and can protect the items salt or seawater erosion, especially for salt factory equipment, ships and shipboard equipment, instruments and other components of rust and corrosion. 7. Can be excluded from the metal surface moisture and provides lubrication of metal or non-metallic parts, to eliminate noise. 8. Rust more than two years. 9 tank pressure is high, the use of safety. 10 for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, go-karts, tricycles and other vehicle maintenance

Packing details:
Volume Pack Qty Carton Specs. Carton Dimension (estimated) Container Qty (cartons)
L(cm) W(cm) H(cm) 20FT' 40HQ
250ml 24pcs/ctn Kraft paper 33 22 17 2500 5600
400ml 12pcs/ctn Kraft paper 27.5 20.5 20.5 2500 5600
650ml 12pcs/ctn Kraft paper 27.5 20.5 29 1816 3294

Chain Lube Spray

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