Everyone knows that the herbicide is very strong. If it is used improperly, it will easily affect the growth of the crop. For example, the sputum used in the former sulphur can not grow corn, the chlorsulfuron sulphate can not grow peanuts, etc. Let's follow the Xiaobian to understand it.

First, the former use of Pu Shite (Ishicao, imidazolium nicotinic acid), clomisulfuron (bean grass, soybean sulfonate), metsulfuron (more than 0.5 grams per mu of active ingredients), green huanglong (per mu The squat can not grow corn with an active ingredient of more than 1 gram.

Second, the former use of chlorsulfuron-methyl, Yu Nong Le (nicisulfuron, more than 4 grams per mu of active ingredients), simazine (over 150 grams of active ingredients per acre), atrazine (active ingredients per acre More than 133 grams), the jaw can not grow peanuts.

Third, the former use of Pu Shite, chlorsulfuron, Yu Nong Le (more than 4 grams per mu of active ingredients), broad grass clear (oxasulfuron, more than 3.2 grams per mu of active ingredients), metsulfuron (The effective ingredient per acre exceeds 0.5g), the sorghum cannot be planted.

4. The active ingredient of chlorosulfuron-methyl is more than 1 gram, the active ingredient of simazine is more than 150 grams per acre, the active ingredient of atrazine is more than 133 grams per acre, and the effective ingredient per mus of chlorhexidine (isoforma) More than 48 grams, the squat can not grow wheat, barley.

5. The active ingredient of flufenazone (Huwei) is more than 25 grams, the effective ingredient of metsulfuron-methyl is more than 0.5, the active ingredient of chlorsulfuron is more than 1 gram, and the active ingredient of ciclorac is more than 7 grams. You can't grow rape.

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