Wei is well-known that the bathroom is the most prone to leaking water. The leakage of the toilet not only affects their lives, but also affects the neighbors downstairs. Therefore, the bathroom must be properly waterproofed. So what are the toilet waterproof practices and how much does the bathroom need to be waterproof? With Xiaobian together to understand the next!

What are the bathroom waterproof practices

First, material preparation

To make the bathroom waterproof, we must first prepare the construction tools, such as: brush, scraper, scraper, stirrer and so on. Then you need to prepare a waterproof coating. Commonly used are: JS waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, K11 waterproof coating, etc. If necessary, you can choose the brand of waterproof coating, and now there are many brands of waterproof coatings on the market, and their quality and after-sales service are more secure.

Second, the construction process

1, grassroots processing, cleaning

Before doing waterproofing, observe the water circuit of the bathroom and have a detailed understanding of the hidden project. After a good solution is determined, the original decoration materials are cleaned, then the base surface is leveled with a cement slurry, and then water repellent treatment is performed.

2, brush the first time waterproof coating

Before construction, ensure that the surface is clean and dry. The waterproof coating should be fully coated and firmly bonded to the grass roots. There should be no cracks, bubbles, or detachment.

3, brush the second time waterproof coating

When the waterproof construction is performed for the second time, it must be spaced a certain distance from the first waterproof. It is necessary to wait until the paint is dry for the first time before the second pass of paint can be performed. If the interval time is too short, the waterproof effect will be greatly reduced.

4, shop protection layer

After waterproofing, the surface needs to be protected to prevent the subsequent construction from damaging the waterproof layer. The protective layer should completely cover the waterproof layer and be firmly bonded with the base layer to prevent the appearance of the waterproof layer falling off.

5, closed water test

After the waterproofing is completed, the closed water test should be performed. It should be noted that the water at the highest point of the ground cannot be lower than 2 cm, and it should be stored for at least 24 hours, and it should be considered as qualified after observing no leakage.

How much is the bathroom to be waterproof

First, the price of waterproof coating

1, bathroom waterproof prices first look at what you use waterproof coating, for example: polyurethane and acrylic waterproof coating, the former waterproof material price is about 20 ~ 25 yuan / square meter, acrylic paint prices are about 35 yuan / square meter .

2. If polyethylene polypropylene composite waterproofing membrane is used, the price of 250 grams is about 20 yuan/square meter, the price of 300 grams is about 23 yuan/square meter, and the price of 400 grams is about 26 yuan/square meter.

4, js green environmental protection waterproof coating price is about 25 yuan / square meter, the use of 2mm thick price is 45 yuan / square meter.

Second, the price of waterproof construction

Water price and construction costs are also related, but the construction costs are relatively small, generally more than ten yuan a square meter, plus the price of waterproof materials, the entire construction down about 50 yuan / square meter.

Xiao Bian summary: What are the practices of bathroom waterproofing and how much water is needed for the bathroom to be simply introduced to this, and hopefully it will help everyone! In short, the bathroom waterproofing method is very important, I hope everyone can learn from the above approach during construction.

Bathroom waterproof practices

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