The Baoyuan Cup 2016 Zhuzhou Interior Design Awards Ceremony was grandly held at the Qinglong Bay Golf Club. The Interior Designers Association of Hunan Province, Zhuzhou Decoration Industry Association, Zhangzhou Designers Association, representatives of Baoyuan Wood Industry, famous domestic design experts and nearly a hundred Zhuzhou design elites gathered to witness this glory. Moments.

It is understood that this competition was sponsored by the Hunan Association of Interior Designers and organized by the Zhuzhou Decoration and Decoration Industry Association of the Zhuzhou Council of the Interior Designers Association of Hunan Province. It received a total of nearly 100 designers from various decoration companies and studios in Zhuzhou. More than 100 sets of entries. The competition is divided into two major groups: public dress and home decoration, with a total of 10 awards. After three months, after three stages of preliminary review, reexamination, and final review, he eventually included Liu Yuan's works, “Qinglongwan Marketing Center”, Zhong Hui, and Lan Jiangang. Theme Hotel, Yang Wenwu's works "Beyond", Wang Jia's works "Cafe", and Mao Yuelin and Zou Yuncheng jointly work with "The Extreme Studio", Wu Yuan and Li Junlin with the works "Min Jing Shui" Wu Wenbin and Tang. Wen Wong won the award with 45 designers and 16 sets of works including Tianquan Yipin.

According to Mr. Shen Ou, general manager of Baoyuan Wood Zhuzhou Company, the "Baoyuan Cup" Cup Zhuzhou Design Competition, which has attracted much attention from the industry and consumers, has been proud since the start of January, with great support and cooperation from all walks of life. Human achievement. In the 3 months since the start of the competition, nearly a hundred designers actively participated in the competition. This achievement embodies the starting point of the contest: the elite designers in the industry and the consumers who have quality requirements for home decoration, through professional communication and innovation. The design concept creates more interior design works with high quality and realizes the perfect integration of public welfare activities and practicalism in this competition.

Dai Xiangdong, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee and vice chairman of the Hunan Association of Interior Designers, focused on the purpose of holding the contest in the opening speech of the awards ceremony: “The main theme of the contest is to enable excellent designers to receive industry recognition and effectively enhance outstanding design talents. Competitiveness in business negotiation: Improve the position of Zhuzhou designers, promote design innovation, strengthen industrial chain interaction, improve the quality of interior decoration projects and the quality of art and culture, increase the professional competence of Zhuzhou's public and home decoration design level, and fully demonstrate on the one hand The excellent design concept, on the one hand, publicizes the public and home decoration design culture to the public and strengthens the credibility of the association, so that consumers with public and home decoration needs have an understanding of the design culture of Zhuzhou's decoration industry, and they have a choice when choosing a decoration company. According to the reference, the promotion of decorative consumption has laid a good foundation for the rapid and sound development of the interior decoration industry in Zhuzhou City."

In addition, with the upgrading of mass consumption and the enhancement of health awareness, great demands have been placed on the latest concepts, the latest designs, and the latest materials, as well as high-quality, environmentally-friendly furniture products. The advanced furniture production technology, production equipment and raw and auxiliary materials owned by first-line brands have begun to enter the homes of ordinary people.

Baoyuan Wood Industry's annual output of 220,000 cubic meters of aldehyde-free board (OSB) line is currently Asia's largest production scale, technology and equipment of the most advanced production line, the main equipment from Germany Duffenbach Machinery Manufacturing Co., Germany Parlmann Machinery Co., Ltd. and the United States GTS technology company introduced products in accordance with the European EN300 standard production, product testing by the domestic authorities, the quality meets or exceeds European standards, passed the Japanese JIS (industrialization standards) certification. In the production process, the board adopts isocyanate adhesive imported from the United States to ensure that no formaldehyde is generated in the entire process. In 2013, the Green Home Committee of the Decoration Association launched the 3G certification for the highest certification standard for the global wood-based panel industry. Currently, Baoyuan Jinglin is a 3G-certified G1 panel for green homes.

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