An alarm is an electronic product that alerts or warns us to take certain actions in the form of sound, light, and air pressure to prevent or prevent the consequences of an incident. Alarms are classified into mechanical alarms and electronic alarms. With the advancement of science and technology, mechanical alarms are increasingly being replaced by advanced electronic alarms . They are often used in areas such as system failures, safety precautions, transportation, medical aid, emergency response, and induction detection, and are closely related to social production. Inseparable.
(1) The intrusion of family thieves is mainly doors and windows, and the proportion of door burglaries is greater than that of window burglars. A magnetic sensor is installed on the door of each household. If there is a theft door, door sensor will immediately transmit this information to the home alarm host, the host alarm, this information will be transmitted to the control center, the center will immediately display the location and nature of the alarm (door thief).
(2) The window thief uses infrared sensor probes to arm each window and balcony of the suite. When a thief enters from the window or balcony, the detector is immediately transmitted to the control center through the home console. At the same time, the home host also alarms, and the control center will immediately display the location and nature of the alarm (window theft).
(3) Gas leakage is also a safety measure that modern families have to prevent. Here, a gas-sensing alarm is used to install it in the kitchen. When the gas leaks, after reaching a certain concentration, the sensor immediately transmits this signal through the home console to the alarm center.
Alarm front-end equipment performance description
Multi-function alarm control host wired and wireless zone (eight-wire wireless four-way wired zone): Can connect wired probe, wired door magnet, wired gas detector. (If expand the four wireless zones, you can use the remote control to operate, you can wireless alarm or rescue anywhere, anytime) A variety of operation methods: You can use the phone to operate the system; You can also use the phone to operate elsewhere; Various alarm signals are transmitted to the alarm center in the form of numbers; six telephone numbers can be set. With advanced anti-jamming, anti-lightning characteristics. We hope that our product quality, price, service can make you satisfied!
Smart home magnetic sensor function
Anti-theft: if there is an illegal burglary, the scene immediately through the host's high-decibel speakers or alarm horn connected alarm, while sending out an alarm signal;
Anti-theft: If you encounter robbery in the room, you can send an alarm immediately;
Help: can be used for the elderly at home, children accidents and emergency call for help;
Fire prevention: smoke detectors timely detect indoor smoke and issue a fire alarm;
Anti-combustible gas poisoning: It can detect the leakage of gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gases and alarm in time;
Automatic alarm: Once the alarm occurs, the host automatically dials the set call, such as the network can alert the alarm center, or send a voice alarm signal;
Remote: Immediately after the alarm call is connected, the indoor scene can be judged. The BSV LCD display wall is monitored for 24 hours so that action can be taken.
Off-site remote control: The host uses a mobile phone or a telephone to remotely arm or disarm the host at a remote location.
Remote monitoring: The owner can remotely monitor the home sound and abnormal sound through the mobile phone at home from a remote location.

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