The alarm light of Macheng Wugang Electric Automation Co., Ltd. adopts bulb-type illumination, which is simple, durable and convenient for replacement. It can be used for roadblock warning, anti-theft alarm and other purposes. When the anti-theft alarm is matched, the alarm signal can be used for alarm alarm. Even if the alarm is not installed, it can be used alone. Turn on the DC12V DC power supply or the battery to work. The alarm light is equipped with a detachable mounting base for easy access. The design and materials of the alarm signal are fully considered to meet the application needs of the harsh industrial field. The all-lamp is dust-proof and sealed, and the protection level is IP67. The alarm signal lamp cover is made of high-strength PC engineering plastic, and the double-sided structure of the refractive inner cover and the protective cover is applied. The alarm signal lamp body has excellent impact resistance, waterproof and dustproof, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation performance. The alarm signal light is widely used in the setting of sound and light warning signals in the fields of machine tool equipment, mining engineering, municipal construction, inspection and maintenance.
The alarm signal light adopts energy-saving all-digital circuit design, equipped with super bright LED lamp beads, and the visible distance is up to 1000 meters. Each LED bead can be up to three colors, and the built-in switch can switch between four different flash types. The new generation of piezoelectric ceramic high-performance horns can emit high-decibel alarm sounds (up to 110 decibels, 1 meter), and the built-in switch can adjust four different volumes. There are five built-in alarm sounds, and other sounds can be customized. The flashing light is matched with the alarm horn, and the warning signal light can convey different sound and light combination signals, indicating different states of mechanical equipment operation and construction progress.
Alarm signal technical parameters:
1, working voltage: AC220V, AC110V, DC12V, DC24V
2, visual distance: 1000 meters (dense smoke thick fog penetrates 300 ~ 500 meters)
3, lamp color: monochrome or multi-color (red, yellow, green, blue, white)
4, flash type: strobe (60 times / minute), strobe (3 flash), rotation, always bright 5, alarm sound loudness: Max.110dB, 1 meter distance, volume size 4 files adjustable 6, police Type of adjustment: fire, emergency, first aid, intermittent, continuous (other sounds can be customized)
7, protection level: IP67
8, working temperature: -50 ° C ~ +60 ° C
9. Control mode: External signal line contact control 10. Installation method: bottom screw fixed 3×Φ6mm
11. Light body weight: 710g Dimensions: diameter 115mm, height 222mm
Alarm lights are preferred for enterprises and dealers with large scale, good reputation and relatively standardized sales services. At the same time, they should also pay attention to product identification, such as “FAM”, company name, trademark, specification and model, and implementation standards.
Secondly, it is necessary to compare the manufacturers' after-sales service level. Many businesses are afraid of troubles. After selling the products, they will dismiss the problems that the customers have in the process of using the products. Also compare prices, choose a higher cost.
The invention relates to the field of alarm signal lights, in particular to an alarm light for a vehicle. The utility model is characterized in that an alarm light switch is arranged beside the throttle or the brake, and two sets of alarm lights are respectively arranged before and after the vehicle. The alarm light switch is installed in a place convenient for the driver to operate. It can be pedal-type and has strong concealment. When the emergency occurs, the alarm light switch can be turned on immediately. The alarm light outside the vehicle is turned on, and the vehicle is called out and alarmed to show the car. When it comes to trouble, ask for help from the outside world in time.
Number of layers: The number of layers of alarm signal lights is optional. The default is three layers of red, yellow and green. It can be used as single layer, two layers and four layers.
Voltage: 12/24/36/110/220V Five voltages are available, AC and DC are available.
Illumination: The warning light has two types of illumination: no light (no flash) and no flash (1 second strobe).
Beep: The built-in 85 decibel buzzer can be built according to your needs without affecting the external dimensions.
Base: The alarm signal light base has 4 types of straight rod/cylinder//L rod.
Wiring: Different voltage warning lights, different wiring methods, DC voltage needs to confirm whether the common terminal of the wiring is positive or negative, the AC voltage is supplied by two separate power lines, and it is not necessary to confirm the positive and negative poles.
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Measuring Tape  MID certification; ISO9001 certification; 
1. Measuring tape Case: First-grade new ABS plastics: Bright, odorless.
2. Graduation: British-metric; metric; British; Luban etc.
3.Measuring tape  Blade: steel,white and yellow colors,matt and shiny or chromed
4. Hook: Magnetic or common (it depends on custom request) the hook is flexible 
5. Rivets: 3or 2 rivets hook reduces risk of breakage; the rivet can be fastened to a proper 

6. Belt: The belt is made with Nylon for more handy and durable
7. Measuring tape Size: 1m/3ft-10m/33ft

Free Samples

We will offer you free sample within 5 working days after your comfirmation of details and 


Quality Guarantee
We will check the products strictly one by one before arranging the shippment.
Price Discount
We will give discount to the long term business partners or the big order.
Customized Service
We can offer the OEM service based on clients' requirements such as the color,label or the 


Measuring Tape                                                         
*Impact resistant rubberized case;
*Heat-treated spring provides long life and smooth blade rewind;
*Strong belt clip

Product Details
Product Name Rubber coat measure tape
Item No. LJ-SMTR-13
Material New ABS +TPR + Steel tape
Color As the picture show, any color can be customized
Length 3m-7.5m
MOQ 3600 pcs
Logo According to customer requirements
OEM/ODM Customized design is welcomed. Logo printing available
Package According to customer requirements
Production Time As usual, about 15-20 days
Payment term
T/T; Western Union, Paypal, L/C
30% payment in advance,70% balance before shipment

Auto Stop Measuring Tape

Personalized Tape Measure,Rubber Covering Measure Tape,Tape Measure 8 Inches,Auto Stop Measuring Tape

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